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My fiance and relocating next year, we need opinions on where we should move?

by tom44 on September 19, 2012

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Question by BreeLove: My fiance and relocating next year, we need opinions on where we should move?
We aren’t sure where yet, but we have narrowed it down to 2 choices, Raleigh, NC or Atlanta, GA. Which of the two would be best for a young couple looking to start a family? Also, I am in the Law Enforcement Field and she is in the Medical Field. How are the jobs down there?

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Answer by breigh
I used to live in GA. i lived there for 7 yrs. very nice and beautiful but there are soo many trees.

I would say GA. It is a huge city full of available jobs and lots of things and events going on all the time.
the people are really nice there. southern hospitality 🙂

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2 thoughts on “My fiance and relocating next year, we need opinions on where we should move?

  1. yahoooo! says:

    Right now, it does not matter where you move. Every day a lot of people are moving to diffirent places because of foreclosure, lost of jobs. But weather wise, California is the best place because of nice weather, no snow and versitility.

    When recession is over, (will be over probably in 10 years) it will be very very good to live in california. Everything is here. Every business you could think of you can do here in California.

  2. dawnb says:

    We lived in Raleigh for three years and with the Research Traingle Park, it was a high growth area and though it has slowed a bit, still is a great area. Home prices are good and the quality of life decent. I have heard great things about areas in Atlanta and of course you are closer to the largest airport in the south. Raleigh’s airport is fine but everything flys through Atlanta. Atlanta’s airport is a trip though and not really up to speed. They haven’t yet figured out how to handle the mass amount of traffic they experience and delays are many. The person who said California is great is off the nut. California is bankrupct. They are cutting services as we speak. It is the most expensive state in the country to live and most people rich and poor are fleeing. Your quality of life would be horrible in comparison to NC or GA. The climate in NC and GA is moderate. While I think California has great beauty to visit, it is definitely not a place to live unless you have a seriously high income. Most law enforcement does not. You can do well in both NC or GA and own a better than decent home.

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