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My family and I are relocating to Atlanta?

by tom44 on August 19, 2013

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Question by Lexus Williams: My family and I are relocating to Atlanta?
My husband has gotten a job offer in Buford, GA and I was wondering where are the good cities and neighborhoods near Buford like in the middle because we would like to be between Buford and downtown atlanta. I work in the medical field so I would like if possible to be near hospitals and medical facilities. I was thinking Lawrenceville. Help????
Also looking into Cobb county. What are the best areas in Cobb county? Are there any medical facilities and hospitals near?

Best answer:

Answer by mccoyblues
Buford is a great small town. So is Lawrenceville, Johns Creek and Duluth.

Gwinnett county schools are among the best in ths state.

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3 thoughts on “My family and I are relocating to Atlanta?

  1. Dusty G says:

    If you’re coming from a small town, Buford will be fine, but I would definitely suggest Norcross to live. He’ll be going against the traffic to get to work, so that won’t be a problem. Plus, you’ll be much closer to the heart of the city.

  2. stupid says:

    It’s ok but you won’t be impressed if you compare it to cities in the northeast. Traffic is horrible almost everywhere and all of the bad drivers don’t make it any better. Crime is a problem depending on where you go in the city/metro area. There’s not the enthusiasm for sports like you see in many other cities, though Atlanta does have NBA/NFL(no more NHL…again). Don’t expect to be able to move and find a job without knowing anyone, unemployment is high just as in many other places. The food options aren’t particularly impressive, local cuisine is nothing to write home about. Again, nothing amazing compared to the northeast in terms of attractions like amusement parks, historical sites and buildings, etc. Public transportation (MARTA) is a joke, so expect to drive quite a bit to get anywhere. Also don’t expect the whole ‘southern charm’ thing; people aren’t complete jerks but it’s not what you’ll find in other towns/cities in the southeast. Atlanta is basically a city that wants to be bigger and better than it is but isn’t working towards that goal and is mostly overrated.

  3. Happy says:

    = Marietta, GA.

    = I would concentrate my search efforts on the north side. Marietta, Roswell, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Cumming, Johns Creek, Buford, Alpharetta are all very nice areas.

    The best school in Georgia are in east Cobb County. They rank among some of the best in the USA. Northern Gwinnett county and North Fulton county also have very good schools.

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