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My Dream Job

by tom44 on July 15, 2012

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Check out Today’s best deals on gadgets HERE – WE JUST SMASHED 3000 LIKES – 4000 HERE WE COME! PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO! THANKS FOR THE TREMENDOUS SUPPORT! This is a video I’ve been thinking about doing for a while and finally had the chance to make. I’ve taken about a years worth of work and boiled it into this 4+ minute video. This is my dream job and I owe it all to you guys – the viewers. This video features unboxing clips, my trip to Vegas (for CES 2012) & various other content I’ve shot. Thanks again for all your support, hope you enjoy – Lew Music by Fading Lazers –

This morning I completed the Worksteps physical exam at Mercy Medical Center. This should help you when preparing to come up to Williston, North Dakota
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49 thoughts on “My Dream Job

  1. MrTechAgent says:


  2. TheCallejo980 says:

    dude i want your? life. GIVE IT TO ME NOWW!!!!!!

  3. kartikjeph says:

    man this is heaven what? do u want more 🙂

  4. MrPoopbitch123 says:

    You are a youtube legend dont worry lew your vids are the best unboxing vids i have “ever” seen on youtube. way to go lew !!!!?

  5. rboos162 says:

    Nice vid Lew!!!!!?

  6. soltar7777 says:

    Please send me? those blue beats lew, I’ll be your best friend!

  7. azurcro says:

    what are? you doing for all of this?(

  8. MrFetterlein says:


  9. brunothealmighty28 says:

    His job is youtube? I doubt he? gets THAT much from the partnership program.

  10. TheBenqen says:

    How rich is this? guy?

  11. zeesawesomestuff says:

    i just saw a fkin video which is? just a bunch of shitty clips from unboxing vids wtf

  12. bloog510 says:

    Are you just trying to be mean? :)?

  13. sportsman2325 says:

    look in the? description.

  14. TheWp7pro says:

    no its not just based on views, the partnership program is based on likes? and ratings too

  15. pedrichudo says:

    This continues? fucking epic!

  16. jag6edFUY says:

    To unbox things so people in the? world can see what they are buying?

  17. zerkabox says:

    My Dream Job is yours? 😛

  18. zachary Waterhouse says:

    How do? you get a Job like that could you tell us 😮

  19. guyaneseDJ13 says:

    You’re? amazing! You travel around the world and get to explore new tech gadgets and cars. That’s one heck of a job!

  20. The1stminecrafteer says:

    Making? us happy 😀

  21. MrLolJoker says:

    The music makes everything? more badass

  22. Andrieske01 says:


  23. XIJAKE98IX says:


  24. d0md0mt0mt0m says:

    Where do you get? these numbers from?

  25. TAZ36100 says:

    for a second i thought u were going? to rap

  26. xADDxDaDealer says:

    if you do drugs dont bother trying to work out here,? most places do randoms all the time. Not to mention most guys will turn you in if they find out your doing drugs. These are dangerous jobs and we dont need drug addicts working next to us.

  27. CaLiFiTneSs661 says:

    Thanks bro…very informative and helpful..thumbs? up.

  28. somerandomfeller2 says:

    Do they make you wait to pee? And do they watch? I can’t squeeze a drop if someone is standing there staring at me.?

  29. Skippytrucking says:

    This is not true with every employer- you can ask- and they tell you what weight is in the box. They basically make you walk up and down stairs, lift a box of weights onto a shelf, carry? the box around…and walk….They make you carry weight with one arm, they do make you pull a sled as well- had to take a lung test- simple

  30. Skippytrucking says:

    If you work for MBI or missouri basin energy service (industries) they have FULL medical, dental, and vision + housing- you? can apply online.

  31. goblin2ten says:

    My question is do they offer medical insurance and how? does the training work.. how much do they pay. Im looking to start up soon but I need to make sure they have insurance.. thanks

  32. stathiesfavorites says:

    Hey thanks for the info. I’m in Canada and looking to go to Alberta. This info is? just as good for us up here. I may even follow your footsteps and do something similar for Canada. Thanks again, your a great inspiration.

  33. TheMichaelgee123 says:

    Looking to relocate and need a resource? w w w n o r t h d a k o t a o p p o r t u n i t y c o m is where you can find? the best information to be successful. I have been there for the past two years and know what the oil boom is like.

  34. IndifferentSky says:

    You have the best videos? on this site for this topic. Please keep uploading!!

  35. 6redline3 says:

    The physical range of motion test is for documentation for the companies? to use in lawsuits. There have been tons of lowlifes who came here to get hired so they can fake an injury and get disability cause their welfare checks ran out….

  36. buffalochipkicker says:

    Thankyou so much for the videos….a big help! This one is of particular use to me as I’m a? female and it looks like I need to do a little weight lifting before I get there!

  37. lasvegascollapse says:

    They did a urine test. From what I have heard the urine is the most? common on up here.

  38. 1986korn says:

    Hey man thanks for all the info. was wondering if the company you got hierd with did a urin test or hair??

  39. lasvegascollapse says:

    Thanks for watching! Some of the employers have housing and some don’t. I’m gonna make a video addressing some of the housing issues and what to expect so? hopefully that will help you.

  40. flashhflood says:

    Hey Bro- I am so thankful for your vids…as I am on my way in a few weeks.
    I was wondering what guys do for housing…specifically is it wise to bring a travel trailer? and if so – are? there places to park them? at all? I don’t want to pay huge amounts while I wait for a job. Your thoughts?

  41. lasvegascollapse says:

    They won’t tell you? what the employer is looking for on any of the tests. They are intentionally trying to make sure that you don’t manipulate the results. Not that you could really do that with your HR.

  42. timoth87b says:

    Great Video I was wondering what the physicals were like, sound like the same one i did before driving truck? with swift, we had to wear a heart monitor the whole time, and they used the wrist BP cuffs to test your BP. (which are a joke and not ever accurate lol). Did they say what they wanted your resting heart rate to be or were they just looking to see if it dropped 20 BPM in the first min? Normal is 70-80 BPM at rest over 40 years old 70-90 over 100 is bad. Did they say what the max BPM was.

  43. lasvegascollapse says:

    Thanks, I miss the beard. Face was crazy cold right after I shaved it. ? I didn’t go through a temp agency. I signed up at Bakken Staffing but never actually worked for them. I spent all the time submitting application and trying to secure a job. I was only gonna use them as a last resort since they pay less than the actual employers do.

  44. 23lisan says:

    I’ve watched a couple of your videos, if you don’t mind me asking which temp? agency did you go to? I used to work as one of the staffing managers for SOS here in Williston. I’m glad you are making these videos, I’ve talked to a lot of people who ask a lot of questions and I think I might just point them in your direction now!! lol Btw nice beard in the other video!!!

  45. lasvegascollapse says:

    No housing is not provided. Not? sure what the plan is going to be yet.

  46. lasvegascollapse says:

    Don’t know on the start date yet so just waiting on them to get my physical test results so? they can review them.

  47. thomasjsh says:


  48. thomasjsh says:

    Can’t wait to here how the job goes. I forgot did they have? housing at the job you took?

  49. thomasjsh says:

    When do you? start?

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