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My daughter is thinking of applying for a job in DC?

by tom44 on March 13, 2014

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Question by Sophiesmama: My daughter is thinking of applying for a job in DC?
It would pay aroung $ 115,000 per year. How decent a salary would that be out there, would she be able to afford decent housing and how safe is DC for a single woman?

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Answer by Prairie Girl
From what my single, 26 year old niece tells us it wouldn’t be a very good idea for your daughter to live in D.C. She works in D.C. but lives in Virginia. You might want to suggest that.

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3 thoughts on “My daughter is thinking of applying for a job in DC?

  1. DON W says:

    That salary is enough to live decently in the area.

    In general, DC has a much higher crime rate than the close-in suburbs, although there are many parts of DC that are reasonably safe. Many young singles are chosing to live these days in Arlington, Virginia, which is much safer than DC, has a lot of night-life suitable for singles, and is only a 10-minute Metro ride away from DC.

  2. Katrina H says:

    That would be a very nice salary for the DC area. I agree that Arlington makes for a very nice commute into DC. But if she chooses to live in DC, stick to NW DC.

  3. Marge says:

    i’m a 20 something single girl, and i used to live in DC (just moved to northern VA)

    If your daughter moves to the actual city of DC instead of a suburb, she should stick to an area like Georgetown and just use common sense when walking by herself.

    When i was searching for housing here, i used this website to look up the crime rates by address:

    At that salary, she should be able to find a home in a safe area.

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