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My boss is harassing me and giving me a hard time. What should I do?

by tom44 on July 12, 2012

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Question by Gargoyle127: My boss is harassing me and giving me a hard time. What should I do?
My name is Gutierez. I work at Sonoma Developmental Center(SDC). It’s a government facility. I’m a Psychiatric Technician Assistant at SDC for 4 years now and on September 17, 2009, I’ll be laid-off with the rest of the other 43 people who work there due to economy downsizing. Anyway, 6 months ago, My supervisor had been writing me up and given me a contract saying that if I call in sick I have to bring in a doctor’s note. So that’s what I’ve been doing. I give him a doctor’s note everytime I call in sick. But still, It wasn’t enough for him. He still writes me up, trying to get me fired. I told him I couldn’t help getting sick because they got us working 6 nights in a row and also I get held over if they are short on staff in the morning. I went to the Union for help. The got me a representative to deal with him but nothing change. My Union representative didn’t do anything to get him off my back. As a matter of fact, they were both joking around as if they were friends for many years. So I requested to transfer to another unit. Our program office denied my request. I requested to work day shift so I would be able to sleep better at night and able to work mornings. Requested denied. I requested to reduce my work to 3/4 time instead of full time. Requested denied. It seems that they are all in together trying to get me fired or quit. By the way, one of my co-worker at night already quit because our supervisor was harassing her too much. She cried all the time and come to work crying because she is so stress out from our supervisor. She had three children. One is just a baby. Anyway, it seems like they are ganging up on me. I don’t have anywhere to go. I feel so angry of what they are doing to me. I started to cry a lot to too because I don’t want to loose my job. I need the health benefit for my wife and kid. I contacted Union Headquarters in Sacramento and they told me they will take care of it. The next day, they granted my request to work 3/4 time. The write ups stop for a while. But the harassment continues. He would slam doors on my face when I am taking my break, he would sneak up behind me trying to catch me if I’m sleeping which I never did, or still schedule me 5 days straight instead of 3 days on and 1 day off in between. Then Last month, I wrote him 3 memos. One each day for he didn’t answer me, requesting to go on training so I can renew my CNA license before they lay me off. Then he went on his vacation with out giving me an answer. I missed the August training because it. But the acting supervisor gave me permission to attend for September training. Everything was scheduled for the training with pay. Then he came back to work yesterday and cancelled all my training saying if I want to go renew my cna license I have to do it when I am laid-off. But once I am laid off, I have no where else get my training. And I won’t be able to apply for cna job if I didn’t finish my training hours. I’m already piss that they are giving us 3 furloughs a month, piss that I am getting laid-off and now piss that my insane supervisor won’t let me get the training I need to get me another job. Please…I need some advice. Thanks!

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Answer by john n
Normally I would advise threatening to go public, a lawsuit, or a complaint with the Human Rights tribunal, but in your case feel that you can’t really win a victory that has any meaning.
You are going to get laid off in less than a month, and nothing’s going to change that.Your working hours request was finally granted, so the only outstanding issues are the doctor’s notes and the training. Management at your company can probably produce documentation that would make their request for doctor’s notes seem reasonable.As for the training, it’s a benefit, not a right. Your employer probably doesn’t want to provide training for an employee because they won’t benefit from it. it’s an expense that won’t give them any payoff.
Don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedly sympathize with you, but feel that you will be spinning your wheels if you try to get justice this late in the game.
From experience i know that there is no rationale that can possibly justify discrimination, but employers often turn a blind eye to it because that’s the easiest way. I once went to the HR department because someone had scrawled “black is beautiful” on my desk. As a black man I didn’t appreciate the message and suspected a co-worker who had previously given me reason to believe he was a racist. I was dumbfounded when the HR rep’s response was “so what? you have a secret admirer.” (with a straight face, no less!)
I transferred departments and soon ran into another racist. He’d do things like ask me if I attended the KKK meeting on the weekend. I complained several times to HR to no avail. One day that individual slapped me across the face. The employee handbook stated that hitting someone would result in dismissal. I said to myself “he’s made a mistake” and chose not to retaliate so that i could demand that he be fired. The end result was that we both got a two -day suspension. According to management I had somehow “provoked” him.I quit that company shortly after that incident after ten years service.
You can’t make people be fair if they don’t have any conscience, so don’t kill yourself trying.

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One thought on “My boss is harassing me and giving me a hard time. What should I do?

  1. big_mustache says:

    l wanted to help, l have many friends in Sonoma County, but l sure as hell lost your question in this long narrative.

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