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Moving to San Diego to be able to garden year around. All new to me. Where can I get good local garden info?

by tom44 on June 3, 2013

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Question by emergency.patrol: Moving to San Diego to be able to garden year around. All new to me. Where can I get good local garden info?
San Diego is very different then the mid west as far as gardening goes. I’m on a fixed income & can’t aford to waste my money. Garden centers here in Illinois rip you off when you have a question, because they only want to see you something. Is there a place in San Diego where I can find out about local garden news without trying to sell me something?

Best answer:

Answer by Scaredtodeath
Home Depot has excellent advice in there garden dept. and they’ve never tried to sell me a thing!!

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3 thoughts on “Moving to San Diego to be able to garden year around. All new to me. Where can I get good local garden info?

  1. GARDEN DOK. MG. says:


    San Diego County has one of the largest if not the best MASTER GARDENER programs in the nation. People wait in line sometimes for many years just to get to interview for a chance to become a San Diego MASTER GARDENER..

    MASTER GARDENERS are a group of highly trained volunteers whos job it is to provide the best info for local home gardeners. There service is always free & you can count on getting the best answers to your questions every time.

    MASTER GARDENERS are backed up by all the finest minds in the state univ coop extenson. They are linked to all major univ throughout the US & Canada. If the MASTER GARDENER on duty doesn’t know the awswer to your question, it’s his job to find out who does & get that info to you.

    You’ll find them in phone books government pages. Welcome to San Diego, America’s finest City.

  2. ragin karen says:

    Garden Dok is right. The Master Gardener are experts in all thing in the garden. And you don’t have to fight traffic & parking & hope someone at HomeDepot has time to spend the time to answer your questions, say nothing of how long they have been on the job? You can get a Master Gardener on the phone from the comfort of your home during regular business hours. Off hours you can leave a message & a Master Gardener will call you back the very next business day. They are not allowed to guess at an answer like a lot of folks around here do. You won’t have a Master Gardener telling you that the heard that this worked for their grandma in new england or that worked for a friend down the block. You will get the correct info with all the who, what, when & why the very first time you call. And in most cases they will have a flyer of some sort with everything printed on it & they will pop it in the mail for you the same day.
    If more people knew about Master Gardeners, this part of Yahoo Answers would close down. Because I’ve read many of the Best Answers around here & I cringe to think some people are stupid enough to take the advise they get, asy nothing of some of the stupid abvise given. In Answers people should not be allowed to guess, but should only answer with facts they are sure off.

  3. Jon V says:

    I would strongly recommend you learn about 4 square gardening. It is readily assesible on the internet. You can garden anywhere with these methods, not spend a lot of time or money and use much less water. It is an interesting concept. Jon V

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