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Moving to San Diego…jobs that except tattoos and piercings?

by tom44 on June 27, 2012

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Question by Des: Moving to San Diego…jobs that except tattoos and piercings?
I’m moving to San Diego in a few months…and I was curious to see if you guys could throw me some ideas as to where I can apply for a job? I want to work somewhere where I can be myself…I have tats, piercings, and I want to put some blue in my hair.

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Answer by connbellingham
here’s my advice. Learn the difference between “except” and “accept”. Based on that…don’t count on getting a very good job.

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3 thoughts on “Moving to San Diego…jobs that except tattoos and piercings?

  1. Temp says:

    Thier is all kind of places in the area, It also depends on where they tatoo’s are and what they are. But as far as it goes you can pretty much do anything in the SD area with tatoos cause everyone else has them to

  2. rey says:

    Wow guys she didn’t ask to be judged. Try any music store. Guitar center? Sam Ash? Maybe clothing stores like Hot Topic or Spencers? Good luck.

  3. premiumbodyjewelrydotcom says:

    i live in san diego and most places are pretty relaxed about that. very professional buildings often make you cover tattoos and use retainers for piercings, but i would say that you could probably get away with it in many jobs. the hair might be a little harder but i have a friend who is a chef at benihanas and has neon red hair, tats on both arms, and 4g plugs so there are places you can do it.

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