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Moving to Sacramento CA from Eugene OR. Any advice?

by tom44 on September 28, 2012

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Question by ANTM: Moving to Sacramento CA from Eugene OR. Any advice?
I’m pretty spontaneous and I’ve lived in Eugene/Springfield Oregon the majority of my life. I’m ready for a change. I’m bored here and I’ve always wanted to move closer to a bigger city. I went down to Frisco last weekend and roamed Frisco/Sacramento area and fell in love. I wouldn’t want to live right in the down town area that’s just insane lol but right outside of all the hussle and bussle would be ideal. I don’t have any kids and don’t plan on having any for a WHILE. I’ve done some research scoping out places to live ect and it’s really not much more expensive than what I pay here for living. Minus tax and yearly car registration fee. Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated. I’m looking into the carmichael/citrus heights area of Sac and would be hopefully getting a job at one of the near by medical facilities and going to school nxt yr or so. How’s this area? How’s the night life? I do have two boxer dogs, are there any dog restrictions I need to know about?

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Answer by answers smartass
there is plenty of nightlife down in old sacramento and other places around.
a decent apartment will cost about $ 800+ a month plus pet deposit if youre lucky enough to find a place that will rent to you with 2 dogs
theres crime in pretty much every area and i imagine a lot more than what youre used to
weather is good not a lot of rain and no snow gets down to 30 in the winter and up to about 105 in the summer

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4 thoughts on “Moving to Sacramento CA from Eugene OR. Any advice?

  1. Maxx Hoopla says:

    If you don’t already have a job stay where you are.

  2. Megat008 says:

    Just remember that it doesn’t rain as much as it does in Oregon and the green hills you saw last week will turn yellow for the rest of the year. There is a lot of things you can do….go west to the bay area and be in a big city or go east to the Sierra Mountains and enjoy beautiful scenery and lots of outdoor activities. There are a lot of neighborhoods around sacramento that are nice if you want to live in all new area rocklin and roseville has a lot of new stuff.

  3. gleno says:

    I’ve lived in SacTown my whole life. The best parts of sacramento are the American river, Folsom Lake and its proximity to Lake Tahoe. If your into coffee shops my favorites are Temple coffee shop in downtown and Bloom cafe in Roseville. The area is littered with malls but if you look closely you could find some unique stores.

    Dimple Records and the Beat are among the best record stores in the area. Mikuni sushi is a great local sushi chain and ALDABERTO’s is the best 24-hour drive thru mexican food restaurants I have ever been to.

    The summers are unbearable (it got up to 115 degrees F last summer) and the winters are rainy (it might snow every 10 years or so). Dogs are accepted in most parks and there are may great places to go on walks. Charmichael and Citrus heights aren’t that appealing to me but they do have unique character.

  4. Flower says:

    You should ask this in the Sacramento section because there is a world of difference in every way between San Francisco and Sacramento. I think San Jose would be more like Portland in many ways instead of Sacramento. The weather, the cost of living, the traffic and the people. Sacramento is in a valley and not politically liberal. It gets very hot in the summer near 100 degrees. The traffic is very heavy on all the freeways. Don’t forget the economy here is not good. Gasoline is $ 3.29 a gallon and sales tax is over 9 percent. You don’t have any sales tax in Oregon. It really adds up. Sacramento is much larger than San Francisco. Eugene is has nice airport and is a well organizaed small town. Sacramento has a big population and is not oriented the same way. It also has a nice small airport. People in California are not as nice as in Oregon. The unemployment is even worse here than Oregon. 12.6 per cent. Carmichael and Citrus Heights are OK. Your plans sound OK. You probably have to pay a big pet deposit if you can get into an apartment with 2 dogs. The rents are about the same as Portland.

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