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Moving from Washington to Hawaii?

by tom44 on August 5, 2013

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Question by Mia: Moving from Washington to Hawaii?
So, my friend and I will be moving to Hawaii for about 6 months (Honolulu, Oahu). We were looking at Craigslist Ads and we are probably gonna be sharing a house with other people. Does anyone have any tips/suggestions/recommendations (housing, jobs, living)?
Also, we will not be taking anything with us like furniture or anything. We will be buying most of our stuff in Hawaii.
MORE INFO: We might be staying for 1 year IF everything goes well, meaning, if we get a good job and a place to stay. I am a CNA that is Nurse Delegated and have 6 months experience here in WA. I will get a CNA License in Hawaii and hopefully find a job there. (I found CNA Jobs on Craigslist in Hawaii)
We also found some house shares there but will be contacting people (home owners) maybe a month before we move there. We will be going there with around $ 5,000 each.

Best answer:

Answer by Yeti
It depends on why you’ve decided to move in the first place. You’re generally going to want your housing to accommodate whatever you’re doing for income. But right now you’re even asking about jobs — most places aren’t going to be interested in short-term hires for 6 months. They want people who already know the area, and who are going to stick around once they’re trained. Usually if you’re just coming for 6 months, you should plan to come with enough in your pocket to support yourself the entire time. A normal job hunt can take that long even if you’re staying longer.

Anyway, you’d need to provide more info to get a better answer. If you’re coming with enough in your pocket to “vacation” for 6 months and live it up, it’s an entirely different answer than if you think you’re going to find work for 6 months and then leave, which usually isn’t happening. And if you can’t do the trip without the work, well, you’re probably not doing the trip.

This generally doesn’t sound like a good idea since you’re already saying you’d need to share housing at step one, and you have no income lined up, and you’re planning to leave in six months anyway. And you haven’t provided a reason for moving like that, nor any of your professional or educational background for employment. That’s all very critical stuff to get a good answer.

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One thought on “Moving from Washington to Hawaii?

  1. KuuipoKin3 says:

    yea goodluck with finding a job. most jobs tend to go to locals first, that are actually going to stick around longer. If you arent working in a hospital as a CNA, the pay can be pretty low and with the high expenses of living in Hawaii-you’d be pretty much broke. You should save up more money that can last you about 6 months, backup plan, just in case you cant find a job or a house to share.

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