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Moving from Philadelphia to Chicago…what to expect?

by tom44 on February 18, 2014

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Question by Nate: Moving from Philadelphia to Chicago…what to expect?
I grew up in the Detroit area and moved to Philadelphia shortly after graduating college. In the past few years I have been in Philly and although the initial adjustment was hell (going from midwest to east coast) I’m faced with a job opportunity in Chicago. So, question is what can I expect from both cities and in your opinion which would you prefer?

To be honest I love Chicago but don’t miss the constant PMS winters of the great lakes, and I grow tired of the Philadelphians. The only reason I love my location now is becuase of the shore, NYC, and D.C. I’m also loving the quicker pace that people on the east coast move with more opportunities…not sure I could adapt to the midwest again. The reason I moved out east to begin with was because of the lower unemployment as well as the greater job opportunities as well. How has Chicago held up economically? I’m in medical sales. Thanks for your insight!

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Answer by Shafter
People on the Eastern Seaboard have a different mindset than Midwesterners. I’m sure you have discovered that by now since you already know what it is like living there. For right now, Philadelphia may be the better place to live. Chicago has a fairly vibrant econmy—–but right across the border in northwetern Indiana (Gary, Hammond, Michigan City) is an area of economic depression. It’s been that way up in that area for years. For my own purposes, I would prefer Chicago, but I think that the Eastern Seaboard, regardless of where you choose to live, probably offers a more diverse lifestyle in terms of recreational oppurtunities and such.

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