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Moving from Nevada to the South Carolina/North Carolina area?

by tom44 on March 20, 2013

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Question by racecrazy97_42_9: Moving from Nevada to the South Carolina/North Carolina area?
My family isn’t making enough money to live in the ever growing Nevada area. It is becoming to expensive and my dad has a job that isn’t bringing in enough money. He is working on getting a job that pays much higher and we are going to move to South/North Carolina area? I’ve never been there and I’m wondering what its like? Are the schools good? What do people do? How are the jobs out there? Both my mother and I are in the medical field? How are the hospitals out there? What is the best small town area to move to? Any info is welcome!!

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Answer by Mika
I don’t know about South Carolina, but I’ll try my best to answer about North Carolina. At the coast, it’s very flat, and the beaches are sandy. The center section has many hills and curves in parts, and has the two major cities, Raleigh and Charlotte. The mountains are beautiful, and have Asheville. The schools are decent, but the colleges here are good. There used to be a lot of plants/mills in the state, but not so much anymore. The east still has a lot of farm land with tobacco, and corn and what not. There are plenty of medical facilities in the state. The hospitals in some areas are better than others. If you like small towns, there’s plenty, it depends on what terrain you want. Western section=Marion, Center=Hickory area or Winston-Salem Area (this history there is great, you need to visit it sometime!), Beach=Newport or possibly Morehead City.

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