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Moving from Chicago Boston?

by tom44 on March 17, 2014

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Question by fxtrade: Moving from Chicago Boston?

I am thinking of making a move from Chicago to a city in the east. I am a 29 yo single male. I currently live in Chicago, and have lived here all my life. Chicago is infested with gangs/crime and seems to be getting worse than better. I am just sick of the gangs. Fortunately I live in an ok neighborhood, but still.

Traffic in Chicago is awful. What I do like here is the public transportation. You can easily do without a car and get just about anywhere. Cold weather is not a concern for me. Not many places have worse winters than ours. I do not like places that are very hot & humid year round.

There are also many activities in the city, but there is nothing outside of it but endless plain fields of corn.

What eastern city is better for me compared to Chicago?

My concerns:

– Safety (Crime rate, gang violence…etc)
– Transportation.
– Activities in the city, and outside of it.
– Jobs market.

I’ve looked at NYC, but it is extremely expensive there. It surprises me that such a large city has such low crime rate. I’ve also looked at all the major cities in the Northeast(Washington DC, Philly, Richmond, VA) and Boston seems the best option, although I know that it is also expensive there.

Any other suggestions are welcome. The only other city that called my attention was Denver.

(Don’t tell me that X city is better than Y city because of better/worse sports teams, please.)

Thanks for all the input guys. To clarify, since some, for unknown reasons, don’t understand my question. I am asking how is Boston compared to Chicago. i obviously know there is crime everywhere, and more in big cities. Again, how does it COMPARE. By activities, I mean, any, since I didn’t specify.. outdoors, indoors, art, museums, music…etc. I like sports, but not interested in baseball. I follow football(soccer).

Any good suburbs of Boston you recommend?

Best answer:

Answer by Kristina
Stay in Chicago but move to the North side! I’ve lived here all mylife, in Pilsen. Nowhere else I’ve been can compare. I mean its upto you but I think Chicago’s as good as it gets lol. Goof luck on whatever you choose to do.
Or move to pilsen. It is very gang filled but also a very cultured neighborhood.

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4 thoughts on “Moving from Chicago Boston?

  1. RedSoxfan1982 says:

    I grew up here in Boston and it is a great city. living directly in Boston is gonna be wicked expensive unless you have roomates to split rent with. Here are some cities right outside Boston that are more affordable.

    I live in Somerville grew up here and its 5min outside Boston and also cambridge next door is great to live. We actually live in a one family and own a 2 family and rent is between $ 1000-$ 1500 a month. Second floor apartment has 2 floors thats why it is more money. Both places are located near T stations and tons of bus stops which is our form of public transportation called the MBTA. It is $ 2.50 to ride the train with a ticket and with a charlie card it is $ 2.00 and bus is $ 2.00 ticket and $ 1.50 charlie card. Monthly passes are $ 70 and get you unlimited rides on the local bus and subway. You can bring a car but if you really want to live right in Boston you may wanna just use the public transportation and only rent a car when you need one.
    Quincy and southie are ok places to live as well.

    There is so much to do and see in Boston and also outside of the city as well. we are about a half hr to 45min from the NH boarder and there is Hampton beach which is great in the summer.

    Fenway when the sox are in town is also fun to go to games. Not sure if you are a White sox fan or a cubs fan but the white sox come here every year to play our team and the cubs come once in awhile but its only when they doing interleague play with us.
    Celtics bruins and pats too.

    We have great seafood and if you wanted to you could do weekend trip to the cape and go to some beaches there as well.

    Winters are bad and I am sure you know that because you come from Chicago. My father comes from MN to he knows all about winters. We have noreasters here and those are wicked bad.

    Other than that Boston is a great city and you will always find something to do.

  2. Fester Frump says:

    Not sure what your question is?

    Boston has crime, its worse in some parts of the city than others. I’d be shocked if there weren’t gangs in Boston, however gang violence isn’t something I see on the news on a regular basis. Rumor is that Aaron Hernandez was gang affiliated, however that is still only hearsay.

    Boston has very good public transportation that is considered safe, rarely hear about crime on the T.

    In city activities……yea like what? Boston has museums, lots of historical sites, Bruins, Celtics and Red Sox are all in city. Patriots play 1/2 way between Boston and Providence RI.

    For $ 30 you can take a bus from S. Station to NYC if you want to go there.

    Boston is the biggest college town in the world. There are numerous colleges within the metro area means lots and lots college age kids, that are for the most part intelligent and not interested in crime.

    Boston is a coastal city, no good beaches (my opinion) in Boston metro, but you don’t have to go far to find good beaches. The mountains of Maine, NH and VT aren’t terribly far so you can participate in pretty much any outdoor activity.

    Weather won’t be all that different from Chicago. Summers can be hot and humid. Winters can be brutally cold and snowy. Spring and fall are gorgeous.

    If you would consider another suggestion, I’d suggest Seattle or Portland OR. Weather is much more moderate, cost of living is less than Boston, just as much to do.

  3. Punk Rock and Minerals says:

    Boston has much less crime and a better economy than Chicago
    there is plenty of nightlife in Boston though it does shut down at 130pm
    the MBTA (local mass transit) is pretty good but it shuts down at 1235am
    there are museums and historic sites
    plenty of nearby state parks nearby for outdoorsy activities
    good beaches on Cape Cod RI and Buzzards bay
    there are beaches elsewhere but the water is much colder

    winters suck in Boston but they also suck in Chicago too
    more snow in Boston but not quite as cold

    Boston is fairly expensive not as bad as NYC, but it might cost more that you want
    look at the Alston/Brighotn , Fenway, West Roxbury (never to be confused with Roxbury) and Jamaica Plain neighborhoods

    there are plenty of places for a day trip outside the city: Salem, Newport RI, Minute Man National park, take the ferry to Provincetown, Ogunquit ME as well as many others

    traffic in Boston is pretty bad, the drivers are aggressive, and pedestrians are even more aggressive. It is real easy to get lost in the city until you learn the streets

    Personally, I like Boston despite the lousy climate

  4. ME says:

    Boston is infested with crime and gangs in certain areas.

    Traffic here is bumper to bumper and supposedly has the 2nd worse drivers in the country.

    Mass is very hot and humid in the summer.

    Public Transportation is good though. Most places around Boston won’t require a car

    There is lot to for activities.

    Job market, depends on what you trade or skill is. There is demand for certain things and zero demand for others. I worked with plenty of people with master degrees at cafe’s because their degree is worthless for the most part.

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