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Moved to San Diego from SF and jobs pay significantly less…what to do?

by tom44 on August 12, 2012

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Question by xoom: Moved to San Diego from SF and jobs pay significantly less…what to do?
Hi everyone. I moved from San Francisco to San Diego last month and am having a hard time approaching my job hunt. I quit my job on great terms with the company to be with my fiance to start our new life since he works in San Diego. The problem is that if you’re not in the medical and engineering fields, the same position I was in SF (executive administration) pays significantly less here in San Diego (as much as 10k+ difference). I am having a difficult time not feeling bad about my career move. Does anyone have any advice for me? I am really hurt of employers either branding me as being ‘overqualified’ which is another way of saying “we can’t afford you” or “you’re not a good fit”. Should I downplay myself and accept a low paying/unchallenging job to pay the bills? Thanks so much in advance for your help everyone! Any advice is much appreciated!

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Answer by LordGodGoose
How much lower is the cost-of-living in San Diego than San Francisco? You should EXPECT to take a pay-cut equal to that percentage difference, shouldn’t you?

The reality is that you can take a 20% pay-cut and maintain EXACTLY THE SAME standard of living, moving from SF to SD…

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One thought on “Moved to San Diego from SF and jobs pay significantly less…what to do?

  1. dead says:

    I would have to reccomend Scripps Ranch. I lived there from ages 7-18 and am now moving back to start my own family.

    Now, as far as your requirements go…

    it is a suburb that’s about 15-20mins from downtown without traffic, about 15mins from the coast, and about 20-25 from the northernmost part of San Diego so it is very centrally located so your husband’s commute wouldn’t be too strenuous.

    it has 4 elementary schools, one middle and one high school so your children would never have to commute out of their community for school. Each one of the schools is considered to be one of the top 500, in their own respective categories, in the US, and top 10 in San Diego. The schools are known for having parents that are very proactive in their child’s life and therefore each school has numerous ways for stay at home mom’s (like yourself) to be involved with their child’s education at the school. The majority of mothers in Scripps are stay at home parents.

    Scripps also has every sport imaginable from soccer to tennis to lacrosse offered for children beginning at about age 5. Every Saturday and Sunday every community park throughout the community has some sort of children’s sporting event going on.

    There is virtually no crime. The majority of the crime is petty high school pranks gone ary…and even those are minimal.

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