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Moose Jobs Product Pitch at #TCDisrupt 2012 San Francisco

by tom44 on April 3, 2013

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I think is the best Keynote Speech video. Thank You Steve!!!
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21 thoughts on “Moose Jobs Product Pitch at #TCDisrupt 2012 San Francisco

  1. Milivoje Gen?i? says:


  2. afarro73 says:

    125,000 iPods , lol, good? old days!

  3. nishantarya98 says:

    no one will ever be such an? amazing speaker, no one can create the so-called “RDF” else than late mr. Jobs, we miss you

  4. benjisixtysix says:

    His best keyonte? ever.

  5. jgzero18 says:

    it’s going to be weird watching apple? keynotes without him, it sucks. great people die way too young.

  6. Willsterdude3000 says:

    It’s funny how 125,000 units in under 60 days was impressive back then. Apparently the iPhone 4S? sold over 4,000,000 units in the first week on sale.

  7. GP1138 says:

    I’ve been watching various keynote videos today… it’s amazing how over the years you see Steve’s energy level just drop. It happened so gradually I just didn’t notice. Watch this video, Steve practically jumping off the stage with every? step. Then go watch the unibody MacBook Pro introduction from 2008… so sad. RIP Steve.

  8. Rohith Basu says:

    RIP? steve

  9. 40thuthuatsangtao says:

    amazing !?

  10. GUMMSHOW says:

    i can’t believe? i was in kindergarten at this time

  11. Carlos G says:

    Keynotes will never be the same? again 🙁

  12. aeropilot says:

    @kclalala:? and what have you personally done to help the poor and the disenfranchised…? what?? I thought so.

  13. slapcompany says:

    Hard-core results come from igniting the massive power of emotional commitment. Are your people committed?

    Let’s get right on top? of the bottom line: You must live your personal values at work. Check out slapCompany

  14. corsairstw says:

    Not true. He was a brilliant man who made the world? a better place.

  15. kclalala says:

    steve jobs? was a tyrant… he took advantage of the naive (the people) and enslaved the poor… it saddens me that people are ignorant of these facts and praise this dictator all because he gave you guys an overpriced and controlling piece of gadget. I pity you..”Things you own, end up owning you”

  16. Pikey1517 says:

    He looks so healthy here.? R.I.P Steve, we’ll miss you.

  17. lucianoforever2 says:

    obrigado por tudo Steve todos nós de amamos.?

  18. globalsoftonline says:

    you will always, ALWAYS be? the face of technological advancements

  19. Sourav Sarkar says:

    We’ll miss you Steve…?

  20. pyromcr says:

    Rest? in peace Steve…

  21. introesp says:

    classic. thanks for uploading :)?

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