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Molly NC Student Power Union, Why I got arrested

by tom44 on March 31, 2014

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Molly McDonough from NC State chapter of Student Power Union. Statement of their arrest on April 29th, 2013. Our state is in crisis. Right wing politicians a…

As North Carolina students, we have watched our beloved state taken over by dangerous and backwards political leadership. Instead of serving the people of No…
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6 thoughts on “Molly NC Student Power Union, Why I got arrested

  1. Roger Mondale says:

    I agree with what this girl is “fighting” for, but people like her go about
    it in completely the wrong way. I bet she intended to get arrested so she
    could make a big deal about it. I bet she doesn’t have an ID on purpose
    because if she got one, she could no longer create hype over it.?

  2. tom garner says:

    This should be my topic of the moment. I will march with these kids on May
    1st. Yes, i’m sure that there will more arrests and i may be one of those.

    The First Amendment Guarantees us the Right to Protest and assemble to
    state our grievances with the Governing Forces. When we allow those in
    Power to silence us, we agree to Tyranny. The Very Thing that this country
    was founded upon was Opposition to Tyranny.?

  3. Jeff DeWitt says:

    Are you the same Molly McDonough that went to Haiti last year? If so how
    did you go to another country without an ID?

  4. tjcoop3 says:

    Molly I do agree these bills are regressive particularly toward minorities.
    That said, most states have provisions for students who attend universities
    out of state to vote by absentee ballot. Unless your state does not you can
    continue to vote. It can be a hassle as you usually have to mail the ballot
    in well before the election so that it arrives on time but it is possible.
    As to the idea of ID’s required for voting it is a ridiculous notion. It is
    wonderful you are standing up for this. Bless

  5. Jennifer Coblentz says:

    Really… I graduated college and had PLENTY of time to get an ID. If you
    had time to make this video- you had time, if you have time to get your
    hair done – you had time… you put makeup on before this video and
    script.. you had time for that. It makes me laugh that people will find
    ANYTHING to complain… or say that people are trying to deny people of
    color and poor people the right to vote. I would agree and say this may not
    allow lazy people to vote (which is a privilege by the way).

  6. RBPHunter says:

    Are you the same Molly McDonough who gave an interview stating that you had
    no photo ID to vote because it was too expensive, too hard to get, blah,
    blah, blah??? The same Molly McDonough who traveled to Haiti? The same
    Molly whose photo and story about Haiti appears on the Chapel Hill Optimist
    news bulletin from Jan 4, 2012?? Google it folks. I thought traveling out
    of Country required a U.S. Passport??? We’re confused, or misled. Perhaps
    making another video explaining the discrepancies.

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