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Military wife question?

by tom44 on September 3, 2013

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Question by AFwife: Military wife question?
I’m 24 and am married to an Airmen, we’ve only been stationed at one base so far, Charleston SC, we’ve been here 3 years but i know where going to have to move some day (which we want to because we don’t like the area) what would be a good career for me since i’ll be moving every few years, right now i work in an office at a real estate company that i love, but i was thinking maybe i should become a medical assistant or work in medical billings since there is always work in healthcare, any suggestions? ( i like working in an office environment) my husband is staying in
we don’t want to have kids for AWHILE
no i don’t have an attitude problem, don’t i have the freedom to not like the town i’m stationed at? plus North Charleston is the 20th most dangerous city in American, (its pretty bad) and that is where the base is, can you blame me?

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Answer by Sheryl H
Get a nursing education…more flexibility than any other profession. You will be able to find something that suits your interests and your hours.

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11 thoughts on “Military wife question?

  1. The Patriot says:

    Get pregnant and become a house wife. Which would be more proper.

  2. Justin F says:

    Stick with jobs that are “everywhere”. Medical is great because people need healthcare where ever you go. Another good one is Cosmotolligy (sp?). My friends wife is a hair dresser and she has never had a problem finding a job everytime they have moved to a new base. Working for a specific company is tough becuase branches may not be at your new location. Work on keeping a feild of experience and make it in an area that is needed no matter where in the country to live.

  3. mahree says:

    Billing is a good idea….if when you choose to have a child you can work from home.

  4. marinewife says:

    Why not become a real estate agent yourself? Its listed as a good choice for military spouses.
    Sites like give good advice on careers for spouses and have search engines to look for jobs. Getting any type of degree will make it easier to get a job at you new base. Also getting a job on base or a goverment job is a good idea. You won’t take a pay decrease if you are forced to move.

  5. May I help You? says:

    You could work for the federal government. That way you have the right of first dibbs on the jobs at any military facility…and well you should…you and your family give your lives for our service…and we don’t thank you near enough.

    There usually are hospitals and offices at the military facilities, and federal work nearby. Then you also get an automatic transfer to the new areas….if they have openings…and again you get first chance at the jobs.

    Keep going and may GOD bless all of your dreams.
    I worked at a facility in Heidelberg Germany, HQ…. and I signed up for my MBA there…and I graduated with honors! My Mom came to Germany by herself to see me graduate!

  6. tallerfella says:

    Get a government job. Everywhere he is stationed there will be civilian opens for office workers. My ex wife worked while we were stationed in Europe and got a job back in the states upon our return. Her time counted for retirement etc………..

  7. massimo says:

    Medical career or teaching, working with
    children .there’s no place any where without a
    school or health care facility and whatever you
    go your service will be needed either on the base or off the base.
    Good luck

  8. Blessed says:

    thats a good idea, or you could try to get a government job on post somewhere.

  9. Brainy says:

    You don’t like Charleston, try Hawaii, maybe they will make room for you. Do you think you may have an attitude pfoplem?

  10. bonobo says:

    Go for the nursing, NA, LPN, RN. That way you can work as a civilian nurse at the base hospital where ever tour husband is stationed, even overseas, or at a local clinic or hospital. Also you have career already established when he retires.

  11. Nicole says:

    I am a hairstylist.. that’s pretty mobile. I dont know though since you like an office environment.. I hate them!

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