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Middle Tennessee Tornado Penis

by tom44 on September 30, 2012

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CBS News Channel 5 weather caster did a great job of relaying the vital information but we wonder what else was on his mind at the time…

A short video about Memphis, Tennessee
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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48 thoughts on “Middle Tennessee Tornado Penis

  1. james hart says:

    lmao soooo how bout that weather? guys xD

  2. mcdom89 says:

    louisville had it cumming?

  3. knoxjeff says:

    0:18 “But we’ll have a risk of? s…”

  4. suckabagofpenises says:


  5. ILessThan3ToJizz420 says:

    I remember seeing this weather report when we? had that flood. I was like, “WELL, LOOKS LIKE WERE FUCKED.”

    I regret those words now -_____-

  6. barkamama says:

    He was right on! That is exactly what happened.? We ended up with something like 18 inches in 48 hours, so that is pretty much how I’d describe it too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. GoREComIX says:


  8. rickiefowlerfan615 says:


  9. sarahwhitinghough says:

    shame on? you charlie LOL

  10. sarahwhitinghough says:

    that’s charlie neese from channel 5! tsk, tsk, tsk, charlie! LOL!!!

  11. fnaw17 says:

    LIKE IF RWJ brought you? here ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. boobengarden666 says:

    it looks like louisville is going to? get hit hard

  13. DataDame says:

    Just over correction: This wasn’t a tornado situation; it was? a 500-year flood. I remember it (and this graphic) VERY well.

  14. elihuffman1229 says:

    That is an “unequaled” video. =p?

  15. rolandhensle24 says:

    This video went viral on? Guatemala City

  16. MyW0 says:

    I Imagine in there of how would the rain? look like

  17. 1558Hello says:


  18. klln4mny says:

    Oh shit…right over where I live…the tip of the penis? xD

  19. rosstrent10 says:

    arkansas? got teabagged

  20. fratskins1 says:


  21. lurch321 says:

    This? guy had balls.

  22. donhawk says:

    Don’t worry, folks. This system will peter? out by Wednesday…

  23. Rocco752 says:

    Thumbs up if a? rainbow brought you here.

  24. bucketfan4life says:

    Looks like they’re going to have? some “golden showers” along Kingsport! ;D

  25. thefowles1 says:

    I remember seeing this on? TV in the basement of my dorm on MTSU campus.
    I couldn’t take the storm seriously afterward.

  26. Ezdduf4kuZ says:

    great video and great song. ? creedance clearwater revival took this song “proud mary”, to the top 10 but i don’t remember hearing the king of r&r. cover this hit but then he has had so many top 40 hits, so many albums and starred in oh so many movies that theres no doubt why he should be the king of rock and roll to this day. by the way i can understand why you picked on elvis to cover “proud mary”.

  27. wwwuraRetard says:

    Ride Amtrak;Kansas City -to-
    Memphis Tn $254-$260
    All prices are? low to high demand prices and rountrip.
    Reserve your tickets? now to get the cheapest prices for 2012 hoilday and 2013 peak season travel.

  28. RiggyTalon says:

    Not to mention extreme crime rates, racism? towards whites, etc.

  29. Thomas Murray says:

    If you guys wanna hear about how? the Bartlett Police are a bunch of bastards then listen to my video on my page called “The Great Bartlett Siege” The Bartlett Police busted up in my Great Grandmaws house and pointed guns in her face she’s 80 years old. Bunch of BASTARDS.

  30. lovinhorseaddict says:

    Im about to? move to Tennessee im a country girl and trying to find out if i will fit in lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Verge513 says:

    i live in memphis..and? really its up to 93???? all white ppl must of moved to cordova, coillerville or olive branch lol

  32. iNeedBeat says:

    not 93%,? but still a majority

  33. mupsen123 says:

    93%? of the population of memphis is black. The city votes for democrats. So how the fuck can u say redneck?

  34. Jim Kerr says:

    and? where are you from jukodebu ????

  35. jukodebu says:

    then you need to travel more, a lot more?

  36. BigolePappy2 says:

    I’m gonna agree with lexi. I lived in the Memphis area for almost 20 years and? its not the most exciting place to live. I guess it is compared to most of the south, though…..but not really.

  37. mimi102239 says:

    i love memphis but the violene need to stop….dont make no sence i live in jackson tn..every time look on the news somebody in memphis done got shot,killed,or raped or anything…but other? than that it’s so much more to memphis and so many historic places…the museums will realy give u the history of memphis:Dยปยป!

  38. bassguyjwb says:

    and ALWAYS? rep your hood!

  39. bassguyjwb says:

    well then you need to do a little research on what there is to do in Memphis because I’ve lived in? Memphis for 30 years and I still find new stuff to do all the time.

  40. lexi38119 says:

    omg i live in memphis……. IT IS THE MOST BORING PLACE ON THE PLANET EARTH!?

  41. Jim Kerr says:

    memhis my fav place in the? whole world !!!

  42. Jwilliam3557 says:

    Cool video – great soundtrack. This version of Proud Mary is from Elvis On Tour -recorded in San Antonio, TX April 18, 1972. Memphis is a great town – it does have big city problems, but still a great town. It’s the birthplace of two true American art forms- the blues and? rock n’ roll. Memphis forever!

  43. paulietrev1 says:

    No I am not racist at all ..have you ever been to Memphis? ??? Open your eyes idiot ! You don’t know what colour I am nor my religious beliefs so don’t call me racist you knobhead

  44. Jman5215 says:

    wow, im not black, but i can still say man ur a fuckin? racist son of a bitch

  45. paulietrev1 says:

    I agree , Memphis is becoming a Ghetto..Even Elvis would have left Memphis ..In the 1980 the whites moved out? and the Blacks moved in ..The Graceland Area has been ruined by the Blacks ..Whitehaven during the 50’s & 60’s was a lush green wooded area , now its over run with crime and prostitutes with their pimps.
    Kick out the Blacks and the drugs , guns make Memphis safe again.

  46. abww1234 says:

    i? love memphis

  47. kerrybluegreen says:

    lived in memphis/southaven my whole life. i love memphis. i know it has it’s cons but? it also has its pros and i wouldn’t want a house anywhere else (unless i became very rich) because 1 my friends and family are all here 2 i know how to get to every street here and 3 you can get to any part of memphis in 20 minutes or less. just wanted to rave on it lol because i never get to.

  48. fargnee says:

    helloo my home town?

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