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MFA in Photography? Museum jobs in Washington DC?

by tom44 on May 26, 2014

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Question by Katahroo: MFA in Photography? Museum jobs in Washington DC?
I just moved to Washington DC from Philadelphia where I graduated with my BFA a year ago and taught art to young children. I have been exhibiting since 2005 and am constantly doing side photography projects for bands, weddings, etc. I want to get my MFA in Photography and with that, it has always been my dream to teach on a college level and become a mentor for young artists. BUT (and this is what I have been so torn about lately) how practical is getting my MFA and going into major debt and putting off my life for another 2 years? Also, what other jobs are offered in all of these fine Museums in the DC area? That is what I am most curious about. I’m really torn, on the fence, unsure, insecure and I am really looking for solid answers and TRUTHFUL advice. I always say inside when my professor is my mentor and the chair of the department “there is no reason that can’t be me” or when I see a museum exhibition I always say “there is no reason I can’t curate that”… or should I just go to nursing school?

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Answer by Jannet, Pablo if ya’ nasty.
Think about what you can live with for the next 75 years. It takes 2,5,9 years to get a degree and work. But you’ve got to live out the rest of your life as whatever you’ve decided. If you take a job as a nurse for money then you’ll be a bad nurse, and live a sad regretful life. If you be a curater for regard then you’ll be a bad curater and run some poor sucker’s gallery into the ground. But whatever you do, if you love it and can’t imagine doing anything else; there can be no regrets.

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