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Meyer Bluegrass Band – East Tennessee Blues

by tom44 on November 7, 2014

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What? A piano? David couldn’t resist. Mary does a fine job on the mandolin, John plays guitar, and Jimmy plays the bass.
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I’ve been going through a bunch of old music stuff and working on getting my cassette recordings onto the computer. Thought I’d upload one of them. This is a…
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32 thoughts on “Meyer Bluegrass Band – East Tennessee Blues

  1. BluegrassRules101 says:

    Holy smotesss

  2. M Morton says:

    I love it. Can’t wait to see you all again. I will be headed to Missouri

  3. Marty Canary says:

    Great job!!

  4. grammak4 says:

    What a talented family! Love ,love your music!

  5. pier baio says:

    o yeah 2

  6. Gregg Welty says:

    this is ridiculous

  7. Adjunkt says:


  8. cheekychickenhead says:

    What a fantastic bunch of photos. Your original song is so good you are so
    talented great playing and singing. ?

  9. cinderellalifestyle says:

    such a great song, but I think the song was eclipsed just slightly, by the
    slideshow:-) a cutie, transformed into a beauty!! what a neat collection!!
    aND A great SONG..Did you actually go to Tennessee? (had to ask) I get
    overdue for visits to find I’ve missed gems, in my tardiness…lol!!!
    Bravo, to your share of this audio/video living scrapbook,…!!?

  10. Karl Mahlmann says:

    A beautiful song, Michele. – and I loved the photos. ?

  11. Mark Maysey says:

    Well written original song Michele and enjoyed your performance of it.?

  12. songster99 says:

    Hi Michele! This was sooooo great!!! The song and the pictures, I love the
    big 80’s hair and pretty smile @ 0:26 Classic!!! :-)) Really enjoyed this!
    – Catch ya later friend – Ricky :-))?

  13. Mike Como says:

    I love it what a neat idea for a video catchy tune for sure Michele and the
    pic at the :56 second mark is priceless right in the fav’s great job. ?

  14. Beth Cassidy says:

    Another fantastic original song Michele… love it :)*)!… Great video
    too… beautiful pics Michele 🙂 !?

  15. Paladon Perry says:

    Hi Michele agin, now we can see and here that you have had this great
    talent for some time now smiles! great song you created then and great
    songs you still create, by the way, did you ever grt to Tennessee? have a
    great week regards and bless from Peter?

  16. OldJumpstartGuy says:

    Very nice Michele. Great video!?

  17. Ann Bullock says:

    Michele[ I just love it. It’s a great song and of course you sang and
    played it so well. Did you harmonize yourself or was that someone else
    singing with you? You are very talented! Ann?

  18. onewomanandsomesongs says:

    That was adorable, Michele! The making of an artist. 🙂 Janet?

  19. Joseph Crowell says:

    Nearly missed, just great, and hey, you haven’t changed a bit.?

  20. Gitt69 says:

    Great! Love the pictures!?

  21. howellshome says:

    That`s amazing! Nice vids.Nice song! Well done?

  22. Steve Bennett says:

    Wonderful Michele, love the ‘through the years’ slide show too:)?

  23. babs4TLove says:

    This is wonderful, Michele! I sure wish I had an early recording of
    myself…what a treasure! Love the pictorial – you have music in your soul,
    my friend! Thanks for sharing a little part of you with us! Warm regards!
    <3 Babs?

  24. Ray Norris says:

    Great!! Love the slide show too … and those harmonies! Cheers, Ray?

  25. ZAPeddlar says:

    Lovely song, Michele, wasn’t aware your love for your style started at such
    a young age, now I know. Thanks for this wonderful share.?

  26. undeadtrev says:

    Thanks for sharing Michele…ah crikey, ya can only shake ya head and
    ponder at some of the clothing and hair we used to think was cool or at
    least acceptable lol…I enjoyed the song and to be honest had to laugh a
    little :-)?

  27. Colin Alexander says:

    Well Tennessee’s lucky to have you I reckon!?

  28. Arvidpoem says:

    Oh Michele is it you? You just melted my heart with those pictures…?

  29. maumenghini says:

    Lovely song and sweet memories!! Love the pics too!!
    Mauro ?

  30. Stagefright Tam says:

    love the song and the vid michele. all the best?

  31. ????? ???????? says:

    Very nice video and song, dear Michele! BEAUTIFUL!
    I love it! Have a great week!?

  32. Phil Turner says:

    u should have been signed.. top song!?

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