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Memphis traint fanatiek, De Wijs erbij

by tom44 on November 12, 2014

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Recorded in Memphis, TN. for a TV Special. Produced and Directed by Chuck O’Bannon.
Video Rating: 5 / 5
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11 thoughts on “Memphis traint fanatiek, De Wijs erbij

  1. LeeroyReed says:

    Jezus weer zo’n boeren commentator.. ‘taaatooo’ & ‘sjonnie de mol’ .. -,-?

  2. Maarten de Wit says:

    Jordy De Wijs is een kast.?

  3. Nightwolf2350 says:


  4. Brouwnie Downie says:

    hopen dat depay er volgende week donderdag er weer bij is ?

  5. amy passier says:

    adam maher <3?

  6. Daan Doornberg says:

    Snap toch nog steeds niet waarom Brenet 2 weken geschorst is..?

  7. Ricardo Aburto says:

    just recently discovered her music…makes me sad to know i the music world
    lost such a beautiful person and an awesome voice

  8. Cora Visser says:

    She was wonderfull to listen and she played very well.

  9. Kevin Hughes says:

    RIP Di Anne. Thanks for the music.

  10. markcerrone says:

    Thanks Di Anne. You live on with me. I will never forget all the times we

  11. Carolyn YANCY GUNN says:

    See you later, Lovely Angel!

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