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Memphis attorney Vincent Perryman discusses Tax Law with Gus Wilson Part 1

by tom44 on May 15, 2014

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Memphis attorney Vincent Perryman discusses Tax Law and the Emergency Economic Stabilization act of 2008 or the Bail out plan with Gus Wilson. The bail out p…

Congressman Steve Cohen spoke on the House floor about medical marijuana and states’ rights.
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5 thoughts on “Memphis attorney Vincent Perryman discusses Tax Law with Gus Wilson Part 1

  1. simon fergus says:

    good man steve!!?

  2. Cherry Kostro says:

    Fibromialgia, a very painful disease with no lasting treatments or cure!
    Unfortunately, it is still illegal in TN and within the Federal Government.
    I refuse to act criminally in any way…it is against my morals and values.
    Perscribed pain pills are not an option, for fear of getting hooked like so
    many people I know that have chronic pain! Like many, I continue to live in
    such pain! Knowing that there is treatment but there is no access to it is
    just so sad! Thank you Cohen for stepping up!

  3. Arock Duece says:

    You need some Cannabis oil made from a strain with a high Cannabidiol

  4. Matthew Cunningham says:

    The commerce clause use in prohibition of is not our founding father had
    intended it was meant to help the rail road barons of the past

  5. venusbrain says:

    You should have the video of yourself questioning Michele Leonhart. I want
    to thank you for your tenacity on this subject. I suffer from neuropathic
    pain caused by a combination of a congenital birth defect, and being run
    over by a car several years ago. Cannabis is currently the only substance
    known to effectively suppress neuropathic pain with very little risk.
    Meanwhile, I’m given a steady supply of highly addictive schedule II drugs
    that don’t always help.

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