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Medical Transcription?

by tom44 on September 3, 2012

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Question by dr_sunny1: Medical Transcription?
Anyone please guide me where to apply for Medical Transcription Jobs? I am just tired surfing online because most websites are just advertisements. I know whole Medical Terminology, just need a Job. Kindly guide me please. I am in Sacramento California

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Answer by transcriptionmatch
There are real jobs on the website below. Go to “jobs” in the upper menu.

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One thought on “Medical Transcription?

  1. sweetdoreen98 says:

    ever think about working for insurance companies instead of dr’s, all the dr’s where i live have laid off all of their transcribers, so maybe you can try some of the big insurance companies because they have to have all of the accident statement transcribed. I work about 40 hrs a week from home for mercury insurance. look into it =)

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