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Medical schools Sanford Brown is it a good school?

by tom44 on September 7, 2013

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Question by Becky S: Medical schools Sanford Brown is it a good school?
Sanford Brown Institute in Houston is it worth the 17,000 for a 11 month program to be a medical instance. They will take 5,000 off because im not working now. But will they find me a job?

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Answer by Anonymous
A medical instance? Perhaps this is a typo and you mean medical assistant?

That’s not a med school though. Schools where you learn to be a medical assistant is a trade school, I believe…

You’ll have to ask the program if they’ll find you a job. I don’t know much about these schools, but I know a distant relative went to school to become a medical assistant. She went to some place in Jersey….CDM Institute, or something, and they found her a job. It was only a three month program for around $ 4,000. I’m not sure if this is the type of thing you’re asking about though…

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One thought on “Medical schools Sanford Brown is it a good school?

  1. jannsody says:

    If you’re referring to medical assistant, unfortunately, there are Not too many jobs despite what those private overpriced for-profit tech schools say. Regarding finding you a job, just about all of those private for-profit tech schools tout how they help students with job placement after graduation but they usually don’t have many more leads than the sunday classified ads or job site.

    Please be aware that this consumer site has a lot of complaints posted about sanford brown, one of those online, for-profit schools: and can search.

    For general career information: and can search.

    **If still interested in training, please consider the much more affordable county vo-tech school or community college as long as the program is accredited within the industry.

    For US colleges:

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