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Medical Mystery: What happened to ‘Tree man’?

by tom44 on March 27, 2014

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Dede Koswara has spent much of his life covered in tree-like growths. His struggle began at the age of 15, when he cut his knee in an accident. A small wart …
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7 thoughts on “Medical Mystery: What happened to ‘Tree man’?

  1. Shelia King says:

    I feel sorry man

  2. Alexander Gallardo says:


  3. momiji san says:

    First comment!?

  4. Taco Man says:

    2nd comment!?

  5. Vidyagaemz says:

    American news is so fucking dumbed down, do you really need all these
    massive shiny captions and annotations to get peoples attention??

  6. MizzelBG says:

    Harold (from fallout) is that you ? ?

  7. Erick Mesner says:

    Compound w ??

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