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medical marijuana, and job required drug tests? california (san diego)?

by tom44 on August 18, 2012

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Question by Willard: medical marijuana, and job required drug tests? california (san diego)?
I am going to get a doctor’s reccomendation and a MMJ card, Can employers legally deny me work, if I test positive for marijuana, even with the card and recc.?

any personal expeirience or the opinion of an employer, is helpfull.

Best answer:

Answer by jvr1977

Medical Marijuana is like any other prescription drug that is being used to treat an illness. With that said it would be illegal for an employer to fire an employee due to medical reasons. If the employee is unable to perform his/her job duties then I believe the employer would have to train the employee for another job type or position.

Now trying to get a job is whole different story. Depending on what job you’re going for they could legally deny you employment due to your meds. You might be a liability.

I know I’m not much help, but you really should talk to a lawyer and if you can’t afford one try legal aid.

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One thought on “medical marijuana, and job required drug tests? california (san diego)?

  1. lochmessy says:

    Do they do drug test every where? I don’t know much about that as when I was working I worked in advertising and nobody really gave a damn. I think most of my office was stoned or worse most of the time. I do know that you are lucky to be in Calif. where you can get grass legally for some diseases. In Ny you can always get it, but it’s not legal, and I’m disabled and it’s one of the few things that takes away the pain, much better than percocet.
    If you are really nervous, there are some teas that you can take for 5 days that will take any trace of the grass out of your system. if you can go for 5 days without smoking and be ok, you might want to see an herbalist and find out about these teas and just use them before the interview and not worry about the drug test. Once you have the job, you can let your boss know about your problem, and as long as it doesn’t effect your work, there really isn’t much he can do.
    Just trying to help.

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