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Medical coding jobs in demand?

by tom44 on August 16, 2012

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Question by staraby: Medical coding jobs in demand?
My boyfriend is considering whether to enroll in a program at miami dade community college for medical coding and billing. He has been working at a hospital in admitting for the past two years. The problem is he has been finding out that there are ppl who work with him in admitting that are certified to be medical coders and they work there because they couldnt find jobs. So my question is will he be able to find jobs in this field? He does however have advantages over his coworkers who are certified because they’re older and had familys to support so they didn’t have much oppurtunity to get into the field. Also, my boyfriend will have more education than them since is almost done completing his general AA degree and plans to do the program afterwards. ….Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!

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Answer by Rebecca
a medical job is always a good way to go. we’ll always need medical people and it is growing in demand.

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2 thoughts on “Medical coding jobs in demand?

  1. Lady M&M says:

    I live in Pittsburgh PA and i currently go to a community college for medical billing and coding and that field is highly in demand. With just a certificate from an accredited school or program will get you at a good paying rate. And with some other medical back round and experience he will be even more of an asset to his company. I think its a great field and so far its fun and holds my interest, i havent got bored yet. The thing i really like the most is that once you have 3-5 years of experience you can do it from home so you dont have to spend so much time at work. Tell him to go for it and good luck!

  2. Homegirl says:

    I used to live in Miami-Dade county! Okay here’s the thing- there ARE many jobs in that area for doctor’s office medical coding/billing jobs. That is doing OUTPATIENT coding. One can go through vocational training either online ( or through a course like Miami-dade CC has and work in a doctor’s office. Without an AHIMA credential the pay is about $ 12 an hour. With an AHIMA credential the pay would be a lot higher and w/ experience even higher.

    Now, hospital jobs are HARDER to get because most in Dade want the CPC credential which you cannot sit for until you have experience, but how does one get hospital coding experience when they won’t hire w/o the credential??? This is why your bf is working in admitting w/ a bunch of people who’ve trained in coding. They are hoping to somehow work their way into the coding department. Having said all this, hospital coding jobs are SWEET in regard to benefits, pay,etc.

    I hope this info helps. It comes from my head working in this business.

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