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Medical Coding in Las Vegas, NV – Salary & certification requirements for Las Vegas medical coding jobs?

by tom44 on November 12, 2012

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Question by Sylvan: Medical Coding in Las Vegas, NV – Salary & certification requirements for Las Vegas medical coding jobs?
I want to start a medical coding career in Las Vegas. My focus is on hospitals and doctor’s offices that have jobs for certified coders from community colleges, online classes or qualifications gained through an accredited US certification. Any advice or tips toward that objective would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks in advance from Nevada.

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Answer by Sherlyn
The salary for medical coders in Las Vegas starts at $ 34,000 a year, which works out to $ 10-16 per hour. This goes up to $ 37,000 a year ($ 18+/hour) or more with certification and experience. As far as qualifications go, you will need a national certification like CPC from AAPC or CCS-P from AHIMA for jobs and a well-paying career in the State of Nevada. Both credentials are nationally recognized career qualifications.

AAPC is the largest organization for medical coding training in the US, which makes the certification that much more valuable. To get certified in Las Vegas, you will need to pass the AAPC certification exam (called the CPC exam) with a score of at least 70%.

Here’s a Google document that explains the certification requirements and salary figures in Las Vegas, NV:

Based on available opportunities and openings, this information can be used for coding jobs, careers and employment in all the surrounding local places as well:
• North Las Vegas
• Winchester
• Sunrise Manor
• Paradise
• Spring Valley
• Henderson
• Boulder City
• Pahrump
• Hoover City
• Bonanza Village
• Vegas Heights
• Eastland Heights
• Winchester
• Stewart
• Wann
• Winterwood
• Bracken
• Hillegas
• Boulder Junction
• East Las Vegas
• Valley
• Whitney

Make sure you get a good study guide with practice tests for the Las Vegas and/or Nevada medical coding certification exam. This will help you pass both the NV state and US exams.

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