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Medical Careers to get into w/ the economy bad ?

by tom44 on November 20, 2013

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Question by frogettx4: Medical Careers to get into w/ the economy bad ?
i was going to start nursing school but 6 friends of mine all are now nurses and cant find a job, What do you think is something to get into that I can have job security? Im wanting to apply for college but stuck on what career to choose.

I know no one really knows the answer, but I want to see other option’s on whats a good idea to look into!!
thanks all!
I live in Ohio Dayton Cincinnati area

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Answer by Pass It On…
It may be the area you’re from, but where I’m from (Michigan – Detroit/metropolitan area) they’re begging for nurses! In fact, the hospital I work for just went through a major round of layoffs…and nursing was the ONLY department not affected because they’re in such high demand.

Another area you could look into is physician’s assistant (PA), also known as physician extenders. This modality has skyrocketed because docs are crazy busy and physician assistants have the schooling and expertise to diagnose and treat in the absence of the attending/resident physician…which a nurse isn’t authorized to do without ‘direct orders’.

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2 thoughts on “Medical Careers to get into w/ the economy bad ?

  1. roaringmice says:

    RNs – associates degree or BS – are in very high demand. I don’t know what type of nursing your friends studied, or if perhaps they had issues passing the nursing exams, but in general, in most areas of the US, if you become an RN (not a CNA, etc. – but an RN), you’ll be in good shape. My community college can’t even graduate enough nurses to fill local demand. Most students there are hired before they even graduate.

    You do not need to go to a high priced nursing school. Your local community college probably offers nursing, at a far lower cost. It’s worth considering.

    But I don’t know where you are. You need to check local demand for RNs, and for the specific type of nursing you hope to do.

  2. Dr. K says:

    I second that, I don’t know where you are, but in major metropolitan areas, there is a severe shortage of nurses. All the hospitals in NYC have open positions available for nurses. I know a hospital in Long Island, they’re so desperate that one of the perks is *free* housing. That’s right, nurses get to live free in the hospital owned apartments normally reserved for residents. There are many hospitals in NYC import nurses from overseas to fill in.

    I say go with your gut feeling. If you truly love to be a nurse, go and do it. Forget about what your friends are doing. If you do what you love, finding work won’t be a problem.

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