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Medical Careers : How to Become an Oncologist

by tom44 on August 14, 2013

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Becoming an oncologist requires a science-related bachelor’s degree, four years of medical school and at least four years of post-medical school formal educa…
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Video Rating: 5 / 5
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26 thoughts on “Medical Careers : How to Become an Oncologist

  1. michael andoh says:

    me? too i’m going to 8th grade and i’ve wanted to do this ever since i was a kid

  2. Dr Mason says:

    What you study as an oncologist depends on where? you work/do a fellowship. If you work at a children’s hospital, then you will most likely be studying Leukemia and Lymphoma. If you study at John’s Hopkins, then it will be rarer cancers, such as Non-Hogkin’s Lymphoma. My dream is to work with Pancreatic Cancer and lay down the foundation for a cure. I know a cure won’t happen in my great grand children’s lifetime, but I am determined to do something about it.

  3. simran7868 says:

    Thumps up if you came here because you wanted to be like Wilson from the? show House!!! 😀

  4. 102369101 says:

    ME TOO :D? lol

  5. madznation says:

    It? won’t. At least not any time soon

  6. GameDoctor21 says:

    i want to be like Dr Wilson from House TV? series lol

  7. geddoe316 says:

    yeah i think i would want to go into oncology…of course, that isn’t an option for me. for one, i’m 32…two..i have thousands in debts..i’ve been in and out of school(college) for years and my school record is in shambles.three, i have had quite heavy depression for years,? stemming as far back to when my mother passed(glioblastoma multiforme – hence…oncology, get it) ..or perhaps neurology…. ya know, none of it matters. informative vid though

  8. jaffa507 says:

    This guy stammers a? lot.

  9. fivequotes says:

    when i was young i want to? be doctor

  10. mdt det says:

    VisualizeDrew same. But not the some of my family died from cancer part.?

  11. VisualizeDew says:

    i really want to be an oncologist. not for the money. but alot of my family died from cancer. but what would happen if cancer gets? cured

  12. kimberly reed-hyman says:

    if you’re going in for? the money, you shouldn’t be a doctor at all.

  13. theblackopslegend1 says:

    Im so confused!
    I first wanted to be a pulmonary physician, but now im not that sure because i heard that oncologist earned 450 000 annually.
    can someone give me advise,with facts and? not biased opinions.

  14. Rendio Jones says:

    Hopefully cancer will be cured and we won’t need oncologists. They do some? damn fine work though. I would really love to get into an Onc. fellowship if I ever go to med school.

  15. mikepousti says:

    AWESOME vid! wish I can be an oncologist? too!

  16. MinnesotaVlogger says:

    my dream is to be a pediatric oncologist 😀 but it’s a big commitment…. ^_^”””?

  17. hannahbanana468 says:

    wow 12+ years. thats quite a commitment but totally worth it if its? what u really want. im undecided as of now

  18. xMusicalMelancholyx says:

    So many people i know have/are suffering from cancer, i want to learn how it works, how it’s cured, etc. I have wanting to be this since my? 5 year old cousin was diagnosed with leukemia. I am also a hypochodriac, idk why i want to do this since i suffer from hypochondria… but cancer intriges me.

  19. El3ctricPenguin says:

    Median salary? is $257,000 annually. Job opportunities for oncologists are expected to increase by 14% in the next ten years.

  20. chriistinex3 says:


  21. Gnrebels290 says:

    to understand biophysical forces? that are enacted within the body, physical stress caused by injury, general mathematical logic and ive even heard accounts from a neuroscientist that it helps to understand electrical system behavior when your studying the brain and the neuron pathways

  22. Seryna J. says:

    Hey world, future surgical oncologist here !! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 TO Y’ALL !!!
    Dr.? SJHS 🙂

  23. nigafied says:

    Good? luck!

  24. westsideforlife0 says:

    i? want to be foot ball player and make more money than you doctors

  25. All Purpose Peterson says:

    Its so funny i am in 8th grade also and i want to do? this so much also

  26. Bernard Farrell says:

    Thanks for inspiring me to? do more BiG Blue Tests. Keep up the great work.

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