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Medical Careers : How to Become a Radiologist

by tom44 on May 11, 2013

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To become a radiologist, a science-related bachelor’s degree is required, followed by four years of medical school and a residency in radiology. Consider bec…

Today Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Board of Supervisors President David Chiu, Supervisors David Campos and Mark Farrell and California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) C…
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24 thoughts on “Medical Careers : How to Become a Radiologist

  1. kidkaosdapinnacle says:

    i’d love to interview you for my high school senior project on the road to? radiology

  2. wearblackclothes says:

    if u? do the math right u will be in school for the next 300 years

  3. Dan Han says:

    i am asian and going into radiology.? and i approve this message.

  4. Julie strid says:

    Or “How to become a very successful? human being and doing something with your life”

  5. NickinChu says:

    you? obstacle are versing the asians!!!!

  6. JoshPelekaiOfficial says:

    Should be? re-titled: How to Speak like a Virgin.

  7. Kevin Yu says:

    As long as it’s? 3.6+ on a 4.0 scale, you should be able to get into some top 50 school, which will then prepare you for med school.

    Keep your grades in college up. Seriously. They mean everything.

  8. AzkaAzkaAzka2996 says:

    Wow! I better get my game up!!! I’m a junior in high school and I’ve taken AP/honor courses all through high school but I could do SO much better! My? gpa’s super low.. 🙁

  9. Shadowrh0 says:

    lol usually its 4 years undergrad + 4 med but to practice everyone needs to do residency after med school which is like a minimum? of another 4 years, so there u go, 12 years

  10. shelleyinthecity says:

    But the only draw back to? being a radiologist is being exposed to radiation and it can give the radiologist cancer or even worse, make their testicles sterile.

  11. shelleyinthecity says:

    Radiologist get paid $600K a year to sit in a dark room and read black and white films. ? They never have to talk to patients. They never have to touch patients. They work 9-5 and are off weekends and holidays.

    Not a bad gig!

  12. Mike Hunt says:

    Thats a hell? of a lot of work to get a job where u sit in a dark room all day

  13. samanthalava44 says:

    Was it worth becoming a radiologist and was it very competive. Such as when you first got out of school did you find a job right away or? did it take a year.
    Thanks for reading.

  14. ironshadow89 says:

    @plrbear1028 That the only thing that holding me back. I’m 22 and scared this is the only choice i have? but i don’t want to be in college my whole life 🙁

  15. Ni99aBooty says:

    this is untrue. 2 years pre-med, 4 years at medical school? to get a bachelors in rad! idk what he’s talking about with like 12 years or whatever…

  16. TheSnaunner says:

    I’m 14 and? want to become a radiologist… I better get started now…

  17. flyguyable1 says:

    Amen im trying to? become a radiologist to and what you wrote is inspiration go for it

  18. iGatorNation says:

    I’ve wanted to become a Radiologic Technologist for awhile but recently I’ve relized that i think i really do want to be a radiologist. You only live once so why not go for the big home run? I understand it’s alot of schooling. Im not a A+ student but? i will try the hardest i can to become what i want to be.

  19. niggafuck123 says:

    im confused sort of… I am starting school for? radiology tech. I will have my AA degree so with that what else would i need to do to become a radiologist???

  20. D'Janis Rosen says:

    wtf, just do it… unless you want to retire at your local wal-mart, move into a crappy nursing home because you never made enough money for a decent savings, and hope that your children (whom you may have ignored because you were working over-time to put food on the table in your “drug-infested low income neighborhood” apartment)… hope that your children survive a hard-knock life…. no? one can afford for YOU to be a slacker..

  21. phillabong101 says:

    @plrbear1028 holy? shit same!!!!!!! 🙁 its worth it though seeing as they make roughly 600,000-900,000$ a year

  22. jeditight says:

    Mark MacBayne, if you have a program that has available positions but is? underfunded, I am willing to pay to play. My wife is trying to find a residency. Willing to donate 40K a year for 2 years to cover Y1 and Y2.

  23. jeditight says:

    Are? you a doctor trying to find a? few moments to relax. My wife is trying to find a few leads on a residency program. I am willing to donate money to a program; 40K for 2 years; to cover her Y1 and Y2 expenses. California preferred; radiology or pathology a plus.

  24. thooke222 says:

    you must mean 4 year? medical school…

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