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Medical Careers : How to Become a Psychiatrist

by tom44 on April 28, 2014

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To become a psychiatrist, a bachelor’s degree in a science discipline and a passing MCAT score is required, followed by four years of medical school, a four-…
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Mike travels to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to spend the day working as a medical waste processor.
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26 thoughts on “Medical Careers : How to Become a Psychiatrist

  1. SuperDelta000 says:

    what a loser. what a pseudoscience.?

  2. jase369 says:

    I’d give up now since you cant even spell sophomore.

  3. jimdandy2499 says:

    There’s actually a book written about the history of mental illness and the
    discovery of all this. It’s called Molecules of the Mind by Jon Franklin.
    It’s an excellent and informative read. They may have put that on the drug
    reports for liabilty reasons. That way if for some reason the drugs don’t
    work, then the companies can say that they never directly stated the
    medicine would cure you. I’m not sure about that, but that’s my best guess.

  4. jimdandy2499 says:

    When someone is phsyically sick many times a doctor won’t do any sort of
    test, they see a person cough, and sneeze along with a litany of other
    symptoms and deduce a cold. Now granted that is a much smaller thing than a
    mental illness, but many doctors prescribe medicine for phsyical illness
    w/out doing any tests. Continued…

  5. the1andonlytitch says:

    You have a point but for me I think I will be happy to just get a masters
    in either Clinical Psychology or Neuropsychology by time I do that I will
    be 28/29 if I feel it is worth it I will study medicine part time while
    working I would love to go over to America to be a Psychiatrist

  6. Sarah Farron says:

    that’s gay i wanna be a psychiatrist but i don’t wanna have to be a doctor
    first i don’t like dealing with physical ill people it’s sorry but it’s
    ew…and i’m bad at math….

  7. ColourfulDezinxx says: be 30 years old by the time i be one ha ha

  8. the1andonlytitch says:

    Depends on how old you are I am 23 I have applied at uni for Psychology but
    if you are young enough good luck sadly my dream is over for Psychiatry

  9. Lali Sanchez says:

    Same here, plus on the bright side I heard medical school has really wild
    parties, haha. Though if someone has a mental disorder, can they still be a
    psychiatrist? That’s my only like wonder…

  10. Ms2313Princess says:

    Do u have to get a major in biology or chemistry or any other science
    course to be accepted in medical school?

  11. Lej Mur says:

    lmao and way more fun too lol

  12. hoatzin9 says:

    man this guy is a fake…if u wana see real psychology check out my vid dr

  13. roberth214 says:

    @wttbsh08 are you stupid? His comment says 4 year degree + 4 years med
    school + 2 to 4 years of specialization/residency…4+4+2 = 10, 4+4+4 =
    12…I’m pretty sure his math is fine. Many places in North America do not
    require fellowship. HIS MATH was right, I’m not saying residency is as low
    as 2 years, but his math was correct you retard.

  14. biporio says:

    @jimdandy2499 I found the book you mentioned to me at Amazon. The didn’t
    have a cover for it and there is only 4 reviews so far. Sounds weird to me
    everybody would like to take a look be so obscure.

  15. Cristian Necula says:

    It’s completely worth it.

  16. Andy Liao says:

    @jimdandy2499 everything is balanced

  17. MermaidsAreNice says:

    Okay, but what if you’ve messed up and received a Bachelor’s in a totally
    unrelated field without the science prerequisites he mentioned? Do you have
    to go back and get another Bachelor’s? Or can you hope over to your local
    community college and take those classes?

  18. AcesPsyched says:

    I wonder if the haters on here are Scientologists…

  19. stephen mccue says:

    he’s totally brainwashed

  20. exbronco1980 says:

    @TheFriendlyEngineer you are so right.

  21. AdamAdidas909 says:

    @misao1414 You saddo

  22. jimdandy2499 says:

    @biporio – Uh, how about the mapping of human brains that have been done,
    and the receptors and transmittors that have been found. Because of those
    discoveries certain chemicals are found to be out of balance in the brains
    of those with a mental illness. It was proved a while ago.

  23. Dollbabyloves says:

    Thank you for this!!!!! I needed this. God bless you!!!

  24. Franccesca Flores says:

    Could you take 4 years of psychology and then 4 years of medicine to become
    a psychiastrist?

  25. besanesa says:

    omg that’s a lot of years =/

  26. Suzette Snyder says:

    season pass? Really? its friggin YOU TUBE!!! Thank you friggin google for
    making something that was once free (like water) into a franchise. FU. 😛
    I think that I will purchase the DVD instead so that your monopoly of
    google-dom doesn’t benefit.?

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