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Medical Careers : How to Become a Pediatrician

by tom44 on April 15, 2014

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No Experience Necessary

To become a pediatrician, a science-related bachelor’s degree is required, followed by four years of medical school and three to four years of a pediatrics r…
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25 thoughts on “Medical Careers : How to Become a Pediatrician

  1. kevingp12 says:

    cant you count the amount of years he just stated? 4 years of college, 4
    years of med school, 3-4 years of residency, and 1-2 years of fellowship?
    4+4+4+2= up to 14 years.

  2. kbbcoop says:

    I make that myself, as I own my own metal shop.

  3. PirateFitspo16 says:

    Grade Point Average.

  4. kbbcoop says:

    Holy Moly, 12-14 years of school?

  5. Noelle Romero says:

    UCSF!!!!!! im in 7th grade

  6. Nandi Mbassi Nkoa says:

    you must not make good grades or something……

  7. Luis Ayala says:

    Hey! Did you end up taking the exam? and how did it go? I’m going to school
    in hopes to become a Pediatrician someday. What did you end up majoring in

  8. Silvi Boy says:

    What is a gpa.

  9. Mommy Daddy says:

    I’m better of being a pharmacist (:

  10. 00ShaFi00 says:

    If I did bad in high school, but study all the time and work extremely hard
    in college, will I have a chance of getting into medical school? Will they
    overlook my high school mistakes? Is medical school really hard or is it
    easy if you do what you have to do? I really want to become a pediatrician
    and i am worried that I will either not get into medical school, or I will
    fail. Please give some advice. Thank you.

  11. gsboss says:

    think about it. you dont take only one course at a time. he obviously took
    like 4 classes a year if not more.

  12. 00ShaFi00 says:

    About how mcuh does it cost to complete this entire course?

  13. nackteh says:

    @MosGuitar Hi. I am a young boy, 12 years old and my dream job is to become
    a pediatrician. Seeing as you have commented on many videos having to do
    with this subject. I would like to know your thoughts on how I should
    approach this career. e.g. What subjects too take in high school, is it
    worth it, etc. any and ally thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  14. happy kitty says:

    not impossible

  15. Othon Mendoza says:

    Does community college count???

  16. chrissyarco says:

    @lreup your mom sounds amazing πŸ™‚ she is living my dream. I dream about
    doing what she does, and hopefully i will make it. God bless your mom πŸ™‚

  17. lreup says:

    & i didnt mean to give you a thumbs up kbbcoop .

  18. Bella Claire says:


  19. Fred Brantley says:

    Clearly he’s saying four years of college, four years of medical
    school,four years of pediatric internship and three years of pediatric
    fellowship. Gosh the requirements to becoming a doctor takes forever kind
    of like this movie I’m installing on my desktop right now I’ve been
    downloading ever since this morning. *sigh*

  20. Silvi Boy says:

    What is a gpa ?

  21. Fred Brantley says:

    It’s scores and grade markings on your exams. Hope this answers your

  22. smell1it1gently says:


  23. only1hotty says:

    @EliraSTAR1 about $145,600

  24. Jean nΓ©zivar says:

    This is the best explanation that I’ve heard so far πŸ™‚ I already completed
    the first half of the process. Now I only have to take the MCAT and apply
    to medical school by September πŸ™‚ . Thanks again for your guidance and may
    God bless you πŸ™‚

  25. Viante Fruit says:

    A 3.7 gpa!! Thats going to be impossible

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