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Medical Careers : How to Become a Doctor

by tom44 on May 8, 2013

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Becoming a doctor requires four years of science-related undergraduate study, four years of medical school and a residency that specializes in a chosen field…
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24 thoughts on “Medical Careers : How to Become a Doctor

  1. VietChink518 says:

    Yes, but low-wage , expect 30-60k? .

  2. UltraGamer117 says:

    Those this? apply to New York City school and education

  3. Andres Alarcon says:

    do you get payed? in residency?

  4. kirbymiester says:

    I’m glad videos like this exist,? crushing people’s hopes and dreams and saving them from medical school.

  5. HelloiPostedThis says:

    During this whole video I kept? saying to myself ” No shit”.

  6. David Nickoliovich says:

    6+ Years dang thats alot? if i get another job i can probally make more becoue of all of the years spent on studing i can make more on another Job!

  7. lisa ocha says:

    great talk
    love medicine?

    your-dream-career. com/medical-career.? html
    for details

  8. Brian Moore says:

    @typicalawesome I don’t think you’d make a good neurosurgeon anyway, considering you spelled both words incorrectly.?

  9. lifes1Derful says:

    BOOM. motivation lost. I’ll just become a hand model or something? -.-

  10. SWIFTzTrigger says:

    I dont get it O.o?

  11. Mors Ontologica says:

    This is like… 10+ years. I’d do it though if I had someone? to motivate me and support me emotionally. n_n

  12. sunairjet says:

    I have a question. Am I quite young? to be prescribed zopiclone? 20 years old. When I am off them for hours I get pain and restlessness. How old is the average z drug patient

  13. Aiko U says:

    What is a residency program? i’m sure we don’t have that in the UK?

  14. Orthogonaal says:

    I see your comment,? and I raise you /watch?v=ThgJHeDKsxA

  15. pkshabbaboy says:

    why do you? ask for GCSEs it isnt neccessary

  16. dudley317 says:

    What did? you get in your GCSE’s?

  17. polly10022 says:

    No passion? No, YOU have no passion for this job. Secondly, becoming an Orthopaedic surgeon or a nero surgeon, you’d have to spend just as much time as a doctor. Why did you click on this video if you’re not interested? hm? Mind your own business too…?

  18. justin22619 says:

    Good luck, I banlancing this and being a nurse. I feel being a doctor and getting a steady? life takes too long.

  19. Lauren Pryor says:

    Is there any doctor job you? can d casts and other stuff like sicknesses

  20. typicalawsome says:

    I hate how 90% of my 10th grade calculus want to be a doctor. What for? The money. No passion. I have a? 5.94 GPA. I might be a orthopedic sergeon or a nuero sergeon.

  21. u8jl says:

    You need a PHD? degree to be a doctor.

  22. acevasco16 says:

    I want? to speak to Meredith Grey. Where is she?!

  23. Drabief says:

    But now i’m even more Enthusiastic to start real medicine so i still have? 6 years to with considering the internship. 3 basic years + 2 clinical years + internship= a doctor.
    thumbs up please so everyone knows how hard its being a doctor.

  24. Drabief says:

    first three years are basic sciences then you do 2 clinical years then the last year is the internship. Then you do the medical license exam and you should pass this one with a really high marks? because everything comes after relay on this exam. So guys for me now i have done the pre med year and my score is 4.90 out of 5.00 that is my GPA, now i’m accepted in medicine college and i will start in next September. so it took 4 years now since the first year for me at high school.

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