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Medical Careers : How to Become a Brain Surgeon

by tom44 on January 29, 2014

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Becoming a brain surgeon involves a science-related bachelor’s degree, four years of medical school and an eight-year neurosurgery residency before taking th…
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25 thoughts on “Medical Careers : How to Become a Brain Surgeon

  1. Fred Brantley says:

    Damn eight years of school and then even eight more years of training.
    8+8=16 DAMN!! It takes 16 years to become a brain surgeon. Damn.

  2. koenigsegg6611 says:

    @Keeeeeeeeth at least until after college

  3. Makreel44 says:

    Apparently, because he talks of brainsurgeon and not neurosurgeon.

  4. DEACONAP4LOVE says:

    @Keeeeeeeeth thats a no BRAINER….hahah…….yeah.

  5. Elizabeth Huynh says:

    This job sounds great, and i must attain this goal 🙂

  6. Acemarksman20 says:

    @Honeii Money isn’t everything… it can’t buy happiness or love

  7. TheJoshBudde says:

    @Keeeeeeeeth In short: to be a SURGEON you will not have much of a social
    life during training.

  8. Ermundos says:

    @link0zeldarulz89 Opening a business is no assurance of success idiot.
    Doctor’s spend a lot of time in school, yes, but they definitely get a ton
    of money and the kind of financial security that no other occupation can
    command. There’s a reason smart people want to be doctors.

  9. Tom Smith says:

    So much respect for neurosurgeons (and doctors for that matter). They
    dedicate THEIR life to research, training, and schooling to save the lives
    of OTHER people. Sure they go through hell but if that’s what it takes for
    them to make an impact on society, so be it.

  10. MrBrandeanO says:

    this is my dream thankyou

  11. Farris Ali says:

    4 years in college (majoring science) + 4 years in medical school + the
    test that he said + 8 years for practicing = 16 years OMG

  12. a5m3s0 says:

    People don’t realize: you can’t just go to medical school and then become a
    neurosurgeon because you want to. Two things in your medical career will
    define what you ultimately choose: (1) you must score EXTREMELY high on
    step 1 of your medical licensing exam to become a neuro, cardio, ortho, or
    plastic surgeon – the top 4 surgical specialties in terms of payment and
    responsibility; (2) graduate near or at the top of your class. People that
    cuts into people’s brains are the best of the best.

  13. iDwell11 says:

    I have two careers in mind. I know becoming a neurosurgeon is one of them.
    I just hope when I commit that I have what it takes.

  14. TheLethalBanana5150 says:

    Cuz when you can enjoy it, you ENJOY IT! Plus your family especially your
    kids will have wonderful life, isn’t that what all parents want for their
    kids? Its not just neurosurgeons but anyone who makes a shitload of money
    works their ass off all day everyday, you will never see a billionaire
    working your normal 9-5 only ppl who are lazy in the elite class are the
    kids who are born into the lifestyle of luxury and wealth, they are the
    ones that don’t appreciate the fruits of their parents labor.

  15. Chris Ortega says:

    I want to become a Neuro surgeon so right now im in 8th grade and next yeat
    I will be taking honors biology and geometry so I can get a hit in college

  16. Nora Doski says:

    I have to become a neurosurgeon to make my parents proud !! I hope I will
    reach my goal one day. And I’m only 16 now I’m kinda worried of not being
    able to do it. Man I’ve gotta do this.

  17. Jermaine Kelley says:

    they make the highest doctor money

  18. Kaman da says:

    I want to be a neuro surgeon. 5_eir salary is way over the top.

  19. zoomzagify says:

    I used to want to be a brain surgeon for the money, but by the time I
    realized that money was’nt as important as other things, it was too late
    and becoming a brain surgeon became the only option I had left.

  20. TheBustyGamer says:

    I love how everybody want’s to be a neurosurgeon.. Not as easy as you think
    people, you still have to get through university.

  21. OscarTerror says:

    @Insubordinate90 yea sonn

  22. gioojj says:

    @TheMeSsI10FrEaK Fuck off

  23. girlonlaptop says:

    thanks, every kid should see this kind of thing.

  24. rayan alotaibi says:

    @gioojj who cares nerd!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Naronix Narononix says:

    right because im sure this well respected man who is a practice manager at
    the UCLA with a Master of Public Health degree is tooooootaly an idot
    right???? -.-

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