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Medical Careers : Different Types of Nursing Careers

by tom44 on June 25, 2014

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The different types of nursing careers including being a registered nurse, a management nurse, a nurse practitioner and a nursing assistant. Find out how dif…
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6 thoughts on “Medical Careers : Different Types of Nursing Careers

  1. 3whisperedwords says:

    There is a world of difference between a CNA and an RN. I think if you have
    the time nd energy to expend going to school to study nursing you should
    consider at least an ADN program. With the RN, the options are so varied,
    your choice of shift hours/days and you will be in demand for the lifetime
    of your career. The pay is good and the benefits are usually very
    competitive. Working as a CNA you will make roughly HALF of what an RN
    makes and the benefits offered are nowhere near as good.

  2. Emma Otstot says:


  3. saddie calico says:

    i wanna do something with babies but not delivery. like i want to be the
    nurse who helps the mom and baby what are them nurses called?

  4. Stann850 says:

    yes they are jack azz u sound like an uptight broad

  5. tiribatiriba says:

    Nursing assistants are not a kind of nurse. They aren’t licensed nurses at

  6. LoveAlotsxoxo says:

    @3whisperedwords I know you wrote this comment a long time ago but thanks
    its helped me understand it more:)

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