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medical billing and coding schools?

by tom44 on August 2, 2012

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Question by : medical billing and coding schools?
I’m looking into going into school for medical billing and coding. But I’m not too sure about it. What I do know is I don’t want to take out a loan in order to go to school.I was looking into going to Southwest Tennessee Community College but I’m not sure if they have a program or even a class that I will be able to take. Do they? Everyone that I talk to about it is telling me that it’s not a good idea because computers are getting so smart where they are taking over those jobs.

I didn’t want to go to job corp because I work in the morning and i would like to go to school in my spare time. Which is good for me because I don’t have kids and I would like to do something positive and productive. I’m only 20 and I know I have plenty time to plan for my future but I would like to start now.

My questions are… is medical billing and coding a good field to go into.
Would it be easy for me to find work prior to finishing school in the field?
And is there a school I can go to in Memphis that is not a private school?

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Answer by Common Sense
you will be wasting your money

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2 thoughts on “medical billing and coding schools?

  1. Bill says:

    Check out, or and see if you can find postings for medical billers/coders. I haven’t noticed too many job openings in that field, only schools offering classes.

  2. Gatlin says:

    Go for your local community college as the fees there are lower than at private schools. You will also learn much more and will be able to pass exams like CPC or CCS-P that are required for a career in billing & coding. At the same time, look for available opportunities in your area as most employers require some experience before hiring candidates.

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