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Medical Assistant Training

by tom44 on July 5, 2013

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8 thoughts on “Medical Assistant Training

  1. downhomebnb says:

    With careers in the medical industry on a? rapid increase, pursuing an education in any one of the many medical technical career fields is a way to provide job security, excellent pay and an exciting career.

  2. channkeke says:

    wow for the person that said medical Assistant is for losers and failures you sound dum like how ……and it get you sum where in life and also what? type of world you in

  3. AssistantShop says:

    the site is? not working =(

  4. supremo502 says:

    hes probably worse than? a MA.. LOL

  5. rockiegirl67 says:

    I’ve notice that you make rude comments about medical assistant jobs in many videos. Your only doing that because you failed at this job. You couldn’t do the work and now your so bitter that your taking you anger out on videos.? You need to pray.

  6. echo jacobs says:

    At least its a? job assholes!!

  7. XYtruck25 says:

    @zomven1; especially if you? work at a blood bank

  8. zomven1 says:

    a medical assistant is a job for losers and? failures

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