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Medical Assistant day 1 -Everest College

by tom44 on April 24, 2014

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Attn: Every Everest college is different. I was in no way paid to do this review, this is my school and I love it. ***Please comment, Rate and subscribe***
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Relocation highlights and tips – Houston, TX and the surrounding area.
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50 thoughts on “Medical Assistant day 1 -Everest College

  1. ZombiePandaCake says:

    Thank You for this. It’s nice to see what books I’ll be getting soon. I
    think I’ll watch your other videos, and subscribe.

    I know Everest is very costly and people call it a rip off school, but I’m
    23 and unemployed. Since my home situation is a bit on the fence for the
    next year I cannot attend Community College till fall of 2015, so I chose
    Everest. This means I will graduate and be on the career path I want by the
    time I move. Then hopefully be able to work those 9 months before going to
    a community college.

    Another thing for people living in poverty, or on the edge of poverty
    Everest is a good school when it comes to financial aid which was my
    biggest worry. The only thing I have to pay for are white gym shoes, so
    that’s also why I chose this school because they advocate about making sure
    you don’t have to pay anything.

    Everyone is talking about how bad it is and to just go to a community
    college, but it depends on the persons situation. There are a lot of
    students at Everest that don’t have the support to go to community college.
    I was told that 95% of the students at the particular Everest I’m going to
    have little to no support to even get to Everest everyday. So having at
    least something that makes close to a living wage can help open the door to
    better education.

    Although, if a person has the means to go to community college over Everest
    then yes they should defiantly pick community college.

    (Just another rant, and grats on graduating.)?

  2. Frank De Souza says:

    This was a nice video… As I said below, I start my journey on February
    24th. You are right about this being just the beginning. My goal is to also
    become a Nurse. I applaud you… keep up the great work. Hope to hear more
    about your journey.?

  3. Makayla Allen says:

    Hi everyone! Today was my last day of classes and monday im off to
    externship! Look forward to a new video please post your questions ill
    answer in my next video!!?

  4. Duessa Cybele says:

    You have inspired me now I know exactly what to expect and what career to
    take Thank You!?

  5. Rubie Smith says:

    Did they help you find a job after you graduated?

  6. Martell Greene says: people
    research everest. Save your money and go to a community college. ?

  7. IntensiveCare StudentNurse says:

    Going to a for a profit school is a bad idea. Everyone stick to community
    college or public university. ?

  8. queen Bee says:

    She’s my sister lol ?

  9. boomcazoom says:

    im bout to attend Everest and i made sure that the credits was transferable
    and they were transferable to the school i would want to go to next.?

  10. Bertha Wilson says:

    Hey makayla I have a question about everest! I’m thinking about starting
    everest this up coming year when my daughter starts daycare and would like
    to know what you think about the school and I would like tosee more videos
    about your experience! Thanks so much?

  11. Hasan John says:

    So are you saying after going to school for medical assistant you have to
    go to school again to become a rn which is a good registered nurse ?

  12. Brenda Garcia says:

    hey, Makayla I’m going to graduate high school this year coming up 2014.
    And I would just want to know how did you do it to go to Everest College
    for Medical Assistant……. I loved your video(:?

  13. Makayla Allen says:

    @maria… im only in my first mod. The best advice I can give you so far is
    to study and do your homework, if you do that you will be good. If you have
    any more questions feel free to ask and keep checkin back to my page ill be
    doing more study flash cards.

  14. Makayla Allen says:

    @samantha moats orientation was fun. It was lead by president of the
    school, we did some activities that had lessons behind them and we got to
    know each other and the staff. Let me know if you have other questions.

  15. Bre Nicole says:

    I heard the same thing..

  16. Jenny Solis says:

    @MakaylaAllen ok thank u for letting me know 🙂 and congrats you’ll do
    great !^-^ upload more vids for us on ure current experience pls

  17. Martell Greene says:

    This scool is a SCAM!!! Your wasting time and money. Its not a credited
    school, which means the grades you make won’t even transfer to a community

  18. Makayla Allen says:

    @martell Greene The Everest school that I attend is accredited, matter of
    fact about a 2 weeks ago they came to the school.

  19. Jenny Solis says:

    Hey makayla is there a lot of math to take ?

  20. mariaselene98 says:

    Hi makayla,, love your video, i found it very helpful. I will be attending
    everest as well could u please give me some advice on the medical assistant

  21. Samantha Moats says:

    Can you tell me about orientation?

  22. Makayla Allen says:

    To everyone: every school is different, I was not scammed, my school is
    accredited and I was not told to make this video. I was excited about going
    to Everest and it fits my learning style. I learn a lot and I feel that I
    am going to prepared for my career.

  23. Bre Nicole says:

    I heard this school was a scam.. I was so interested into I read the

  24. Lupe Guerrero says:

    Hii Makayla, im thinking of joining the schoo, but ive seen alot of bad
    reviews on the school that everything is a bunch of lies.

  25. Makayla Allen says:

    @jennySolis I am now in my 5th month and I have had only one chapter of
    math and it was really basic and when I took my test there were only two
    questions on math.

  26. Voice9 says:

    Houston is so huge. It stretches almost from Conroe from the North to
    Galveston to the South and swallowed most of small cities in between to
    make it a great Houston. You can likely find job in Houston in less than 30
    days if you are skillful. You can survive with $12/hr which you can’t do in
    other cities due to the cheap rent. You can find 1/1 apartment as low as
    $375/mth. You definitely need a good car in Houston with cold AC. Walking
    is not recommended. You can dine out with different cuisines at affordable
    price, probably the same as you cook yourself. Last but not least, learn
    how to change lanes on I-10 W (which is 36 lanes both ways altogether!) if
    you don’t want to miss your exit. ?

  27. MyLevelisUnreachable says:

    I’m looking at moving to this city?

  28. Maxwell Humperdink says:

    LIES,LIES. It’s a lawless, Godless, hell hole. They don’t care at all about
    anyone but the wealthy. Judge Boyd has made that as clear as day. How you
    ask? She sees no problem letting drunk drivers in Houston off with only
    probation, even when they kill 4 and hurt 7, as long as they and their
    family are rich. I can only surmise that she, and the people of Houston
    that voted her into office, think a non-wealthy persons life is worth a
    thing…….I repeat Houston is a lawless, godless, hell hole. ?

  29. izukrazyfoo says:

    you will gag on the air pollution. It is 7 on the top 10 list of worst
    cities for ozone. LA is #1 DFW and DC are up there too.?

  30. Jingy2003 says:

    Lived in Houston years ago. It was quite affordable compared to other large
    cities. My only complaint was the humidity. In the summer it’s dreadfully

  31. 1SourceSEO says:

    Houston is a great city with lots of opportunity for business owners.?

  32. KaishaLaSha83 says:

    Happened to stumble upon this video by you ma’am and I must say that that
    you basically reiterated everything from the two people that I know and one
    other. Thank you! I am currently in the Medical field studying to be a
    certified medical assistant, as well as preparing to graduate with my
    diploma in medical billing and coding in May so, I will be in contact with
    you soon about relocation.?

  33. joseph berck says:

    Clearly Coupleofbeers31 has had a few too many beers. HAHA!!! Houston is

  34. Valery Blank says:

    They are high; however, Texas has no State Income Tax, so it really
    balances out and housing prices are some of the best in the nation, so
    lifestyle is wonderful!

  35. Cnh233 says:

    Do you also assist with finding apartments?

  36. zion mainframe says:

    Houstoinians eat out more than any other residents then any city

  37. CongressBeta says:

    Oh, I’m sorry. Good luck bro.

  38. Addicted2Speed713 says:

    i cant fuckin stand people like you that are so simple minded u have
    probably never even been to houston its actually one of the best places to
    live .

  39. Valery Blank says:

    Thanks for looking it up – I would be happy to help you, just give me a
    call so I can learn more about your timelines and we can work out
    convenient relocation plan for you.

  40. CongressBeta says:

    Why would you wan’t to move to Houston?

  41. JoelTheSpanishGuy says:

    She is reciting the Wikipedia page on Houston ha ha!

  42. ryanc519 says:

    Thank you. I am actually looking for a one bedroom near the school.
    (doesn’t have to be near the school but in reasonable commute distance)
    I’ll sure let you know when my move gets closer. Thanks again!

  43. quadcatfly says:


  44. alfeowilliams says:

    Hi Mrs. Valery I’m looking to move to Houston by the end of this year. I’m
    looking to get a 2 to 4 unit duplex or 4-plex so that I can live in one
    unit and rent the rest out. Can you help me with this? I prefer the
    Sugarland, Missouri City, and Pearland areas. Also I’m looking at the
    Woodlands area as well.

  45. Meshia Jackson says:

    I cant wait to move to my new Home houston tx here i comeeee

  46. April Strozier says:

    I want to move to houston

  47. Rudy Zepeda says:

    I can’t believe I just watched this whole thing

  48. Kevin Nyguyen says:


  49. oOOpIIIqOOo says:

    get ready h-town, im comin.

  50. ayatzin2691 says:

    Hahaha..she said, “Yeeee-haw!” LOL

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