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McCaskill: Patent Trolls are ‘Bottom-Feeders and Scam Artists’ Endangering Jobs

by tom44 on June 14, 2014

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In her ongoing effort to protect consumers and expand job and business opportunities, U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill today led a Senate hearing to examine how…
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4 thoughts on “McCaskill: Patent Trolls are ‘Bottom-Feeders and Scam Artists’ Endangering Jobs

  1. FaTs LoS AngeLeS says:

    this whole system is rigged..?

  2. PatriotWatchUSA says:

    Sucking Obamas ass now you’re M.I.A. What happened Claire? We know Obama is
    a fraud and you will hang as we hold you responsible.

  3. PatriotWatchUSA says:

    Claire where have you been fatty? You were sucking Obama’s log in 2008,
    2009. What happened you treasonous bitch. How’s your Obamacare working out
    for you. You are blessed that the people of Missouri are stupid

  4. PatriotWatchUSA says:

    You were on every cable show in the world with your fat ass spewing Obama’s
    crap. Where you at traitor?

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