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Master Level Professional moving to Hilton Head S C to enjoy the second 50 years of life….Any suggestions ??

by tom44 on May 8, 2013

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Question by Ellie: Master Level Professional moving to Hilton Head S C to enjoy the second 50 years of life….Any suggestions ??
I will still have to work in order to have medical insurance but I’m hoping to stay away from Professional Work.

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Answer by aviophage
If you are 50 you can be sure you will have a hard time finding suitable employment. The economy is headed downhill sharply, and it will take a number of years for the next government to undo the damage that has been done by the current gang.

The upshot is that now is a dangerous time for mature workers to relocate and seek career change. You will be lucky to find work in fast food or as a security guard. This is a good time to hang on to what you have as a working professional for a few more years.

So the realistic suggestion is to stay put and hunker down. Things will get better over the next five years or so.

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2 thoughts on “Master Level Professional moving to Hilton Head S C to enjoy the second 50 years of life….Any suggestions ??

  1. donald e says:

    hilton head s.c. is a different universe lol, the wages are substanially different in gamecock country than yankee land. so be prepared to work for a lot less, the island itself is expensive, but once u get off it gets cheaper, the Beaufort area is still relatively cheap, be willing to take a job in the service(hospitality business) lots of restaurants and hotels in the area, be prepared for hot summers, and the bugs can be awesome but the mild winters and year round golf is great, short drive to charleston 40-50 minutes, and you can be in columbia in 90 minutes, gl

  2. US_DR_JD says:

    As a person with a graduate level education, and a history of working in a professional status, you probably do not have the skills to work as a non-professional in a trade-type position. You should also realize, that it is rare to be able to support yourself in a resort/tourisim area unless you have significant personal resources, or have secured a position in your field. I can understand your desire to decrease your workload, but to change from a professional level of work to a skill level, would seem unlikely for someone over 50.

    Secondly, Hilton Head Island does not offer an unlimited selection of occupational opportunities. It would be in your best interest to apply through an employment broker for your field of specialization.

    The local paper for Hilton Head/Beaufort County, South Carolina currently has no listings under employment.

    Regarding the previous responders remark about the significant impact on employment of the current administration, The unemployment rate for most of the past year has averaged 4.6% the unemployment rate when President Bush took the White House was 4.4%. This difference is not statistically significant and may reflect differences in methods of reporting. While there are economic issues, related to increasing fuel prices, and increased costs, it is unlikely that there will be a statistically significant difference in the first 5 years. And most financial changes related to employment are due to trend which take longer than a couple of years to see the effect.

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