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Massage jobs in Las Vegas?

by tom44 on May 15, 2014

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Question by tracy866: Massage jobs in Las Vegas?
I am moving to las vegas around January and I am looking into massage jobs. I am hoping that some massage therapists in the area that could give me some better ideas of the industry there. What can I expect to be making? Are there any companies to NOT work for. Any companies that you would recommend I apply with. Are jobs at the resorts on the strip good (pay well, treat their employees well, not incredibly hard to get into). I will be graduating in December from a 780 hour accreditted massage school in MN. I will be trained in relaxation and trigger point only by January, however I plan on taking hot stone massage within a few months of graduating. I am planning on taking my National cert. right away. Any advice would be apprectiated! Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Michael M
you will need your health card before anyone even considers you for employment.
go to the las vegas metro web page, that is the cops and see the requirements.

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2 thoughts on “Massage jobs in Las Vegas?

  1. sweet_aryan says:

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  2. Wayner says:

    There are LOTS of massage places in Vegas – probably some that you would NOT want to work with (if you look in the phone book, a lot of the adverts have “Strictly non-sexual” to differentiate them from the less reputable places).

    Many of the casino resorts (Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Red Rock Station, Green Valley Station, etc.) have spas that may hire a licensed MT. Also – there is a company called “Massage Envy” that seems to hire a lot of MTs.

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