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Massachusetts Job CON: Mitt Romney’s ‘Jobs Attack’ Backfires

by tom44 on March 14, 2013

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11 thoughts on “Massachusetts Job CON: Mitt Romney’s ‘Jobs Attack’ Backfires

  1. Soo Tupa says:

    I’m sure the liberals have? had things thrown back ! Bad two months for Obama.

  2. john townsend says:

    The three self-styled musketeers of the GOP, Boehmer, McConnell and Cantor, who made “make Obama fail” their number one priority, damn the economy, and have successfully blocked every job boosting initiative put forward by Obama … every damn one!

    And they now? claim Obama isnĀ“t doing enough to create jobs!
    What do these subversive assholes take us for?

  3. InvestigatorDave says:

    You don’t want to see it which? is why you don’t see it.
    Have it your way.

  4. SelfImmolator says:

    No, I asked you to point it out and you just summarised the topics of the show (no dispute there) but then said “Ed is comparing the two, subtlely, and with a bit of slight of hand mind you, but doing it nonetheless.”. ‘subtly’ and ‘sleight’ of hand, btw. If you have evidence that he is “comparing the two”, present it, otherwise you’re just saying ‘I can just sense it’. How fuckin? investigative, it’s all in a days work for InvestigatorDave!

  5. InvestigatorDave says:

    You don’t want to see it? which is why you don’t see it.
    Have it your way.

  6. SelfImmolator says:

    You mean: ‘you’re right, I have no evidence that he compared it, but it’s all in the style… I feel he wants people to go away seeing higher numbers of job creation and thinking that it means that unemployment was worse under Romney’.

    That’s exactly how I feel when? I watch fox news. I can’t stand MSNBC and Fox for exactly that reason. While the actual transcripts of what they’re saying can carry sensible messages, they want the dumber viewers to go away with a certain impression.

  7. InvestigatorDave says:

    Woman at 0:36 talks about unemployment % (never mentions job growth rank).
    Ed at 0:59 talks about job? growth rank (and never mentions unemployment %)
    Ed is comparing the two, subtlely, and with a bit of slight of hand mind you, but doing it nonetheless.

  8. SelfImmolator says:

    Where in the video did someone compare job creation to? unemployment rate?

  9. InvestigatorDave says:

    The point:
    Woman talks about unemployment rate.
    Ed then says Mitt’s? job creation in MA decreased.
    Job creation is different than unemployment rate. The two are not the same. Can’t compare the two to each other.

  10. SelfImmolator says:

    I don’t see your point. You’re correct about the separate topic Ed talked about… but what’s the significance? Of course unemployment rates are going to be worse in a? huge recession. So wtf??

  11. InvestigatorDave says:

    The woman speaking in support of Romney spoke about the unemployment rate.
    Ed quickly came back to talk? about job creation numbers.
    What’s wrong Ed, no apples to compare to oranges at MSNBC so you had to go with this comparison?

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