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Mascot Eats Cheerleader – Tennessee Titans’ T-RAC devours blonde

by tom44 on June 4, 2012

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25 thoughts on “Mascot Eats Cheerleader – Tennessee Titans’ T-RAC devours blonde

  1. dudesterism says:

    i think they did? that on purpose….

  2. WinslowFarnsworthy says:

    Stagecraft, Inc., designs and manufactures custom? Character Costumes for amusement parks and corporate identities and Mascots for major universities. Started in 1975, Stagecraft, Inc., also produces? “Illusion Costumes”. These costumes typically are worn by one person but give the impression that there are two people.

  3. manukelley says:

    What the hell is? wrong with people

  4. jfizzmonkeybutt says:


  5. MrStewartgamer says:

    Naww… They? just got jet lag:/

  6. ih8suvz says:

    Damn.? Oakland got their asses beat.

  7. Ballabird says:

    How the fuck did I end? up here ?

  8. jdouglasruddle says:

    I thought it was gonna be a? porn! Godamnit! LOL

  9. MrDreamPipe says:


  10. greatwhitetailhunter says:

    Guy: you ready to get eatten
    Girl: yup lets do it
    (guy gets girl in costume)
    Girl: Why? are you Naked….and hard?

  11. LutzakVideos says:

    Same reaction? as the raptor one, kinda weird

  12. LeenaMarz says:

    whats that suppose to mean.
    Girl: ugly and jelly.
    Boy: Fat and lonely.
    Which one I dont have? all day.

  13. sexxyswag says:

    Ew cheerleader….?

  14. RaidersPhatBlunt says:

    Lol i rember this i think it was? the opener..What ever happend to this Titans team they spanked us that day

  15. WatchdogDisciple says:

    Dammit thats where all my blondes are going……THATS IT GIMME A FUCKING? BOBBY PIN!!!!!!!!!!

  16. AmityWaffles says:

    I wonder what went on in there??

  17. TehUltimateSnake says:

    Must smell like straight ass in there?

  18. 2010metsfan says:

    Bet he was copping? a feel while she was in that thing.

  19. TjtheTrapper says:

    That’s…not right?

  20. lizziesue108 says:


  21. DunsparceFTW says:

    Um… this is a common thing to do… lol, it was probably supposed to be part of the? game.

  22. XScarred4life says:

    oh? this isnt what i was looking for….

  23. FlyingChanges120 says:

    “thats not right” lol? made my day

  24. MauerTwins7 says:

    i? mean really?

  25. griffin123pop says:

    “thats not right!” well thankyou captain obvious?

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