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Marketing Technology Jobs In Dallas, TX

by tom44 on September 21, 2013

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Congress bets the farm on one last big bill, publicists agree that the nation’s celebrities are in dire need of more fame, and Jesus Christ informs Tim Tebow…
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25 thoughts on “Marketing Technology Jobs In Dallas, TX

  1. John David says:

    Network marketing makes more people rich each year than any other industry. You don’t have to be the next Steve Jobs to make money? online. I can? teach you how to earn online. Visit Proper Income dot com. Sincerely, John David

  2. pokepal148 says:

    American English? is a slightly modified form of contemporary English, i know color should be spelled “colour” but i dont give a fuck

  3. Trashcansam123 says:

    0:46? Paul Ryan before he was cool

  4. cautionthisissparta says:

    and? every damn cable news outlet

  5. QueenOfAmber says:

    Charlize Theron :)?

  6. abeedakbar says:

    0:29? whos the blond?

  7. NickoliLion says:

    And MSNBC and? CBS and CNN.

  8. NickoliLion says:

    And MSNBC and CBS and CNN.?

  9. Dick Wallace says:

    And less dramatic and brainwashing than? CNN.

  10. doodelay says:

    quote “I’m thinkin printers” Roll on floor? laughing

  11. zyflair says:

    I? would respect Congress more if they tried that.

  12. Elspin says:

    Well, you? were pretty entertaining but I guess it is getting kinda stale now, I imagine it’s because the whole time you somehow thought your comments were actually injuring me. Oh well, if you’re done cheerio and all that I suppose.

  13. A bag of crisps says:

    If all it takes is “Quack Quack Quack” to provoke you into responding, you’re obviously not as important as you claim. After all, if you were? you wouldn’t bother with the likes of me.

  14. Elspin says:

    Oh come on, don’t deprive me of more funny comments, it was? getting really good there for a bit. I want more doritos wisdom!

  15. A bag of crisps says:

    Quack Quack? Quack

  16. Elspin says:

    You know, your post is oddly hypocritical, you could just say “you mad” and be done with it. By the way, you are correct – I am in fact? moving. Disco dancing in fact. I’m so mad, I had to dance my anger away to disco inferno

  17. A bag of crisps says:

    You’re typing tons of words to a “14 year old kid”, using lots of exclamation marks even when a question mark would be more sense, and over-spilling the 500 character limit.

    Yes, I think you’re in hysterics. You’re really mad. All? I have to do is poke and you move.

    You’re beyond easy to provoke.

  18. Elspin says:

    Maybe that’s why you think I’m hysterical, you’re mistaking a lack of effort for hysterics! By the way, in the interest of laughing a bit more, I don’t think you realize this is more like the exchange of letters than? a discussion. Tell me, do you think I’ve just been in constant depression since this conversation started or do you think I just get sad as soon as I see a message from you, I’m curious to know! I like the idea of being in constant hysterics from youtube comments, I hope it’s that

  19. A bag of crisps says:

    Really? Because you’re putting a lot more effort into this than me. You must really care so? much about the opinions of a “14 year old kid”.

  20. Elspin says:

    If you mean hysterical laughter, it’s because your comments are hilarious. Why would you think your comments would have any weight,? when you appear to be a ~14 year old kid with no knowledge of technology or ability to form logical statements

  21. A bag of crisps says:

    Take a? step back and read the two comments you just posted. If you’re so confident, why are you in hysterics?

  22. Elspin says:

    How you think you’re picking me apart when you? can’t even form logical thoughts is also pretty funny by the way. Keep it up, this has been almost as funny as the video these are supposed to be comments for!

  23. Elspin says:

    Hahaha, I like how you’re trying to call me a loser when you’re probably a fucking grocery bagger using 15 year old technology. Internet badass? Not really, just out to improve technological knowledge in any way I can, and to be honest I have been laughing at you this whole time, how you haven’t gotten that and think I’m “nerd rag[ing]” is beyond me, but hey, once again, logic is not your strong suit! Way to just repeat what I’m saying by the way, my life is great -? you’re the one who needs help

  24. A bag of crisps says:

    And now you’ve switched from “angry nerd rage” to “Pretend to be? unphased at him picking me apart”.

    Doesn’t work. You’re still a loser mad at people who’ve achieved more than you, and you build up an “internet badass” persona to hide how fragile you are. I’d feel sorry for you but all your problems are your own fault.

    Quit directing your rage at popular technology companies in 500-character bursts and actually do something to improve your life.

  25. Elspin says:

    Way to not read my last post, but hey at least you’re showing consistently that you have no logical capacity :). I’d like to have? faith and humanity and assume you’re just a really bad troll, but chances are you really are that stupid. I’m still waiting to see what you’ve done with your life but I’m 100% sure it’s nothing valuable anyways. Oh well, maybe once you realize how worthless you are you’ll do something with your life too. One can only hope!

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