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Marine Jobs Career Day

by tom44 on May 3, 2014

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The Port of Seattle, along with other groups, sponsored a Career Day event at the Waterfront this summer.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Nationally-Acclaimed FIRST FEATURE-LENGTH DOC on YouTube. This inspirational comedy documentary follows two guys who leave soul-numbing cubicle jobs behind to cross the country on a Segway….
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25 thoughts on “Marine Jobs Career Day

  1. Ellie S. says:

    ooooooooooeeeeeeeee!! Wooo!?

  2. Justin Kwok says:

    Awesome film.?

  3. Gray Byrd says:

    documentary called 10 miles per hour. about riding a segway, coast to
    coast, with various people, and a dog named alby?

  4. j buscar says:

    I thought they were bunch of idiots but they made a lot of sense. The movie
    reminded me to slow down, look on the sides and appreciate things better.

  5. brainderailment says:

    Dana Carvey at 40:00

  6. seffy good says:

    how does a weirdo guy like that end up becoming a cop XD

  7. NatsCapsSkinsWiz says:

    cop at 15:00 was cool though

  8. itsmonti1 says:

    If I knew about your project I would have sponsored some funds as Northstar
    Mapping & GIS, LLC. This is an awesome video and project you have done. I
    am proud to see that you didn’t quit. You got to see this beautiful country
    we live in. Well done.

  9. theAbeElement says:

    good film! props to the chicago cops. the cop from Illinois was a douche.
    love the potter!

  10. TheChannyj28 says:

    @mustangboyist He does seem like the type that wouldve been a, “target” in
    high school! Lol! He must have had it pretty bad to be such a jerk. He
    called in his supervisor and basically got shit on! Haha! Oh well… I’m
    glad I don’t live in his town.

  11. shortkid614 says:

    This was amazing! Very Nice!

  12. brghtsde says:

    @LukeTrizzle 20 years and still a patrol cop? no wonder. just sayin.

  13. ABC045594270 says:

    simple but very enjoyable, thanks

  14. Hesam0000 says:

    @toomanycomputers Not just boring, it’s a dumb way of living life! If you
    want to see the world & people to make a documentary drive, if you’re short
    on money work, if you want to ride Segway ride it on mountain trails, if
    you like challenges go to Africa & build a hospital for villagers but
    getting on a donkey to go to the moon is plain stupid & they expect to get
    paid for their stupidity or trip. For some reason it reminds me of Madona’s
    pointed bra! Doing unusual/stupid things 2get attention.

  15. Michael Hitchen says:

    dude with many hats “I was born here all my life”
    oh my 🙂

  16. sdk77 says:

    ffs why the crappy letterboxing?

  17. Ben Scatterty says:

    That cop at 40:00 is a tool.

  18. Nan M. Santos says:

    Great movie thanks for share it in here !Have a bless life

  19. Nidaime52515 says:

    typical idiotic comment. so don’t watch problem solved.

  20. morgusmotorhead says:

    are they queer?

  21. gina spiller says:

    you guys & girl are amazing! Good Scenes,Good talks,Good people…Good
    comentary.10mph has been made real and interesting.1 up for this creative

  22. James Nisbet says:

    haha 1:18:00 the chick in the other car is freaking out.

  23. toomanycomputers says:

    This movie happens to be very, very boring.

  24. jason steiger says:

    5 stars, wheres the statue of liberty? bling bling blong ya

  25. Hunter Weeks says:

    @dakipmyster Nope. We did not file for bankruptcy, but it took about 4
    years to pay the debt off. As you might have noticed from the story, our
    friend pulled out without putting the cash he had promised into the
    production; that’s why we couldn’t keep up with the bills.

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