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Macworld San Francisco 2008-The MacBook Air Intro (Pt. 1)

by tom44 on July 27, 2012

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Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the MacBook Air ultra-portable laptop.

Steve Jobs unveils the long awaited Apple iPhone 3G at WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) 2008 in San Francisco. This version has 3G wireless speed in comparison to its predecessor’s slower EDGE connection which is 2G. The new 3G iPhone comes in two versions; an 8 GB model with a black…
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50 thoughts on “Macworld San Francisco 2008-The MacBook Air Intro (Pt. 1)

  1. ruben Cervantes says:

    Apple? products are my life

  2. colbjay99 says:

    I love how they say 11 inches is small when they have an? 11 inch mac book air now. Lol

  3. iHackApple69 says:

    3:53 id? totally drop that

  4. steakIT99 says:

    He smiles at his? products, like they were his Kids

  5. pablo6417 says:

    13? inches to

  6. nathanribstick says:

    Apples obsessed with thin and light……they must have had a fucking giant orgasm? making this!

  7. Oscar Brierley says:


  8. BodyMovin PolarBear says:


  9. WolverinePlusbeaST says:

    it is still? available in bigger display!

  10. WolverinePlusbeaST says:

    not a bad thing? though!

  11. cdfgbnvhjguyikhuj says:

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????htt?:// /?

  12. LeapForwardStudios says:

    Jesus, people clapping? at Apple conferences are the worst

  13. 86123maxxi says:

    As much as I love the MacBook Air, I find that the lack of I/O quite annoying. I would buy the 11-inch Air if I have an iMac or Mac Pro at home. But since my budget doesnt agree with this setup, I stuck with a MacBook Pro? 13-inch

  14. TheZFuse says:

    Love my air, better then my pro, and iMac. It’s perfect for everything,? especially for school.

  15. mikeXtrAsh says:

    i have the Macbook air (june 2009 gen)? and i Love it. it’s fast. but for imovie is a macbook pro way better.

    R.I.P Steve.

  16. hk5675 says:

    people who ‘whoo’ing along the? show were annoying πŸ˜€

  17. rollipolioli says:

    they havent made a 3rd one.. is it discontinued??

  18. Sean Rayos says:

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    Step 2: Click the “Enter Bonus Code Here” button
    Step 3: Enter “seanrayos”
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  19. jimgeo1000 says:

    I agree, this is? an amazing innovation. But on the whole envelope thing, my MacBook Pro from 2009 can fit in one of those too (without ripping it).

  20. felixwcf says:

    This is why I quit the boring, copycat, dull Microsoft? and join to the Intel company.

  21. thekorgboy98 says:

    I love? how when they said the world’s thinnest notebook only one guy clapped and he was probably Phil Schiller.

  22. mellowcowism says:

    RIP Bill Gates?

  23. Rajonrondo95 says:

    lol i’m watching this form my macbook air πŸ™‚

  24. roscoe988 says:

    with the option of 13″ and yet the 11″ still? has a full sized keyboard and trackpad

  25. miloesalazar says:

    true pioneer not all the fukn copycats today

  26. SwiftHDX says:

    It costs? $199 in America…

  27. SwiftHDX says:

    It’s? Hitler’s fault.

  28. SuperYAS111 says:

    He’s wrong the iPhone 3G Shen it? first came out costed Β£440 here in the UK

  29. mrNIGHTMAREHOUSE says:

    yes without? deal it costs 600 bucks

  30. Diego Rodriguez says:

    Why did people laughed at? 0:49?

  31. billychen65 says:

    Germany doesn’t? use US dollars.

  32. legend03v39 says:

    the euro? price must be contract free

  33. BMTVx says:


  34. FIFA11EASports says:

    @Cash3Flow thats the price for? the phone you have to pay upfront when you purchase a contract for it aswell.

  35. jEPPELITO1339 says:

    Well he can’t? laugh anymore πŸ™

  36. garagexkast says:

    @Cash3Flow i live in holland and i have the same price here
    but i? geuss were just stingy in europe

  37. zassutran says:

    Be fast and win iPhone 5:? goo.glk55ge

  38. GrenadesExplode says:

    I use? Steve Job’s as an idol of mine when it comes to giving great presentations =D Rest In Peace Steve Jobs.

  39. Envyndespise says:

    Thank? you, steve. We miss you.

  40. MrEpixSauce says:

    How technology? changes…

  41. alexisillo says:


  42. cbb1987cbb says:


  43. xerginhio says:

    R.I.P? we going to miss u

  44. JeffSemperFidelis says:

    RIP =(?

  45. fenixans says:

    i will keep? my 3gs forever…fuck iphone 4, iphone5, iphone 6!

  46. Waleedzilla says:

    even more if u were here? in Egypt

  47. Waleedzilla says:

    and amazing. dont 4get? that πŸ˜›

  48. frosty95xy says:

    Excited, awesome, beautiful, ever. These are the? words Steve uses every keynote ;D

  49. Mohammered says:

    Did you notice how people? laughed when he unveiled it? They thought he was joking with the design staying the same… little did they know he was actually serious πŸ˜€

  50. TheGenerationFilms says:

    1:12? WTF

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