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Macworld San Francisco 2005-The iPod Shuffle Introduction

by tom44 on August 11, 2012

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Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the first ever iPod Shuffle.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I think is the best Keynote Speech video. Thank You Steve!!!
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39 thoughts on “Macworld San Francisco 2005-The iPod Shuffle Introduction

  1. IRNBRU64 says:

    Oh my god, my first I-Pod, I? was so cooll!!!

  2. cool82795 says:

    the big question whats next?? 0.0

  3. dudedudedude94 says:

    best ipod shuffle? so far.

  4. Ezprite says:

    I’m confused with? apple

  5. zackery1167 says:

    Angrylines? me to

  6. Angrylines says:

    Lol Ricksterr111 metoo?

  7. Ricksterrr11 says:

    I’m? watching this on my iPod touch 4g :))

  8. sdgas100 says:

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  9. themaritimeman says:

    Error.? 🙁

  10. pilarleandro57 says:

    i love to go in? san francisco

  11. harmonioussociaFz says:


  12. wantingdealer73qD says:


  13. SimHarrison says:

    “we’re serious about this” *audience laughs. ahem…?

  14. SherlockFraser says:


  15. BuckWare21 says:


  16. rikaskate22 says:

    No? sirve

  17. andrew288 says:

    haha lanyard=epic? fail

  18. epicllama says:

    this is cool, what? happeden 2 the shuffle?

  19. Jasper Harris says:

    49 zune? users disliked this

  20. raydar670 says:

    the ipod shuffle was $99? wow the memory? market 5 years ago was expensive. its $79 for a 4gig ipod shuffle now (but they don’t have buttons)

  21. AllStarDeal79 says:

    technology chagnes? fast!

  22. cdnml says:

    “we have taken look at this market and its a? zoo with zillions…..”

  23. JohnnyKennedy93 says:

    Yep that’s when they launched it. ? But at the start of the Keynote Jobs’ said ‘This is a day I’ve been looking forward to for two and a half years’.

  24. TheRunscapeNoobShow says:

    iphone was in late 2007.?

  25. JohnnyKennedy93 says:

    It’s hard to imagine that in 2005, Apple was developing the iPhone. ? They’ve come a long way.

  26. Chant571 says:

    Woah a? whole gigabyte

  27. filippo333 says:

    Orgasm @ 3:05 lol?

  28. Fritha71 says:

    Tomorrow’s antique right? there. It’s a beauty.

  29. ThePunya123 says:

    I’m sure steve jobs got idea of iPad 2 from this im fucking? sure!

  30. 54321thedeathbed says:

    that was huge in that time?

  31. iOStalk says:

    “If a? computer wants to be horizontal, let it be horizontal”
    A couple of years later…

  32. polvijverman says:

    1GB of? memory, ohsnap lol

  33. Anavengertg says:

    @martijnjanssen1967 Maybe in hardware, but the software is still lagging? way behind. Atleast for Google and Microsoft.

  34. WeEatBrainz says:

    “A beauty and grace that is going to last the next decade”

    Definitely, i would say it is still one of? the best looking computers i’ve i seen.

  35. ermarauder says:

    Still my favorite Mac. Proudly displayed? on my desk next to my new 27″ iMac. It will never leave the desk.

  36. slapcompany says:

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  37. taozhuo says:

    came all the way down and? got this iMac G4 part. Thank you Steve and RIP.

  38. ErnieFairchild1 says:

    RIP Dammit! It makes you so mad, no? That someone so? amazing and influential can be taken too soon when there are so many people who do nothing, or harm, still in the world. Such a monumental loss.

  39. brandoncrack17 says:


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