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Macworld San Francisco 2003-Safari Web Browser Introduction

by tom44 on August 31, 2012

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Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the long rumored Apple web browser, Safari.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the first ever Mac mini computer.
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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48 thoughts on “Macworld San Francisco 2003-Safari Web Browser Introduction

  1. 456thevineeth says:

    I really appreciate Safari on Mac . but still in 2012 , its just? bad on Windows

  2. 456thevineeth says:

    ? chrome

  3. jakelamc1 says:


  4. iLOVENATURE2011 says:

    rest in peace steve jobs!? =)

  5. allandude92 says:

    iRIP Steve? Jobs

  6. Jullzzzz says:

    google chrome and safari are? based off the same shit webkit. there borh good

  7. kookieless says:

    firefox’s orgin comes? from netscape than mozilla app suite then firefox

  8. hypersonics23 says:

    Wow, didn’t NetScape? make JavaScript? That’s sad.

  9. drygnfyre says:

    Chrome is more extensible, but I find Safari? 5 is quicker and it also uses native frameworks and OS services.

  10. 2DJT says:

    Along came Google and some? flaming fox……..

  11. quest8899 says:

    whats? better safari or chrome

  12. jasper561996 says:

    Dude I know . . . I just expressed my feelings in that comment of mine in “Imagine? the life without those three browsers . . .”

  13. Zoolookuk says:

    Chrome didn’t exist and Firefox at that time was still Firebird and in a very early version. I am not sure why Opera isn’t there, but it? really wasn’t used or known on the Mac platform back then.

  14. Zoolookuk says:

    Yes, just always make sure you’re using the? latest version.

  15. ofanning06 says:

    Can I use? flash with Safari?

  16. jasper561996 says:

    Wow Firefox, Chrome and? Opera is still not there . . .

  17. jasy53 says:

    I use Safari on my Mac? and my Pc. It’s the best browser i ever used !!! I love it

  18. tytippy2 says:

    12 people were using IE when viewing? this.

  19. aaroninclub says:

    @themacbox at least in I.E 9 they have? cleaned it up.. i give MS credit to that but … I.E 7 & 8.. really crappy

  20. drygnfyre says:

    Keep in mind that these speed measurements are literally dealing with loading times in the range of milliseconds. That is to say, even if Safari does load 30x faster than IE, it’s virtually impossible to tell. You simply cannot see the difference between something loading in 10 milliseconds vs. 20 milliseconds.?

  21. d1995a3 says:

    I didn’t mean it in a? rude way. I’m just ticked off how he’s showing something that I’ve never been able to do even when I have a better and later version of Safari.

  22. Nutz320 says:

    well obviously, but why would you want to? Why would you unsub if you didn’t want to?? Unless forced with the threat of you dying.

  23. Nutz320 says:

    A lot of people can vouch for Safari’s speed, so unless you own? a Mac and use Safari, please don’t make accusations or assumptions.
    Sorry if you didn’t mean it in a rude way, but I can’t tell, this is the Internet after all.

  24. Nutz320 says:

    where did he say? that?

  25. MetelAdict says:

    steve clicks and porn comes? up……

  26. ChevMike27 says:

    getting? one soon YAY

  27. ChevMike27 says:

    @3awad797 Yea didn’t? the old ones have one?

  28. kieranpenrose says:

    im watching this on? my clamshell!

  29. crknighthawk says:

    im watching this? on my 2009 mac mini

  30. chomym says:

    Same here in France, $599? (=490€) in the US and the MacMini costs 599€ (=$735) in France. And it’s basically the same for every Apple product, they tend to use the 1€=1$ scheme.

    Special award for the MacBook Air (base model) which costs $999 (=810€) in the US and 1049€ (=$1290) in France.

    I understand there exporting products has a cost, but I thing they’re going a bit over the top. I still love Apple products though.

  31. 3awad797 says:

    LOL the? box looks like a Happy Meal from McDonalds!

  32. 3awad797 says:

    I wish the new? 2011 Mac Mini has an optical drive : (

  33. marcus11091995 says:

    If you have a quick think, Apple are selling the base 2011/2012 Mac Mini at $599 which were I live? translates into £380. However, Apple UK are charging £529 for the base model!

  34. marcus11091995 says:

    he did explain?

  35. TheChickenbot says:

    i wish everything was? overpriced to.

  36. BaconBandage says:

    Did you draw this video?

  37. supernannyification says:

    i got a mac mini 2011 for my? b-day!

  38. Searchinganswers says:

    Why the? fuck are they laughing?

  39. doritostheking says:

    Because he lives in? 2003 or something. I bet he’s real proud of his collection of CDs.

  40. johanzenandersen says:


    Why do you need an Optical Drive when we? have super fast internet connections and super fast I/O?

  41. iGamingProdigy says:

    R.I.P.? Steve Jobs

  42. TheTitle409 says:

    WTF!!!!!? BYODKM

  43. Scouter98 says:

    my 2003 desktop PC has 512mb DDR RAM, 2.66 ghz pentium 4? and 160gb hdd.But it sounds like a old xbox 360.

  44. TopGearrules says:

    My? first ever mac in 2005!!!!

  45. JosefKorea says:


  46. TheShade247 says:

    Haha No.? i’m comparing 2006 to 2012 lol

  47. jorgeasalas says:

    i use a wireless cd? drive

  48. RKH1502 says:

    We Bring Our Own Display, Keyboard and Mouse, You Bring Back The? Optical Drive

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