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Macworld San Francisco 2000-Steve Jobs Becomes iCEO of Apple

by tom44 on June 27, 2012

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Here is when Steve Jobs drops the “interim CEO” title & officially becomes the full time CEO of Apple, which he calls the “iCEO”. The crowd was definitely pleased with the announcement.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

By request, here is when Steve Jobs introduced Mac OS X for the first time ever. I edited the video myself to show the very best moments of the presentation & split it up into 3 parts on account of youtube’s bogus time limit.
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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48 thoughts on “Macworld San Francisco 2000-Steve Jobs Becomes iCEO of Apple

  1. nicdem25 says:

    The applause last? from 1:40 to 2:21

  2. nicdem25 says:

    Yes, he was.?

  3. nicdem25 says:

    Well, they are? doing fine.

  4. TheSt0neCold says:

    The moment? that changed everything forever! RIP Steve

  5. iPhoneBrother says:

    I miss this? man so much ๐Ÿ™

  6. shawnanthony1992 says:

    One of his most triumphant moments. It gives me chills every? time iWatch it.

  7. ihaveacoolhat1 says:

    At the beginning, when? he was applauding the OSX team. Fantastic moment in company history. God bless you, Steve. Godspeed.

  8. Sobtanian says:

    two words: Goose.? Bumps.

    RIP big man.

  9. lzseth22 says:

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  10. kalevader says:

    We.. that reaction of the audience? was amazing

  11. Jzz87 says:

    u_u We will? se it soon…

  12. superviewer says:

    That has got? to be the wildest from-silence-to-roar cheer he ever had

  13. NBAFULL says:


  14. 007oddball says:

    lol? u faggot 1955

  15. shady777 says:

    he? really saved us

  16. justinjiang says:

    now? he is dead

  17. dgpune17 says:

    RIP Steve..
    Thanks 4 making this world a beautiful place to? live in with ur devices…

  18. NBAFULL says:

    Steve? Jobs 1855-2011

  19. Watabou89 says:

    What a great guy. I’ve been watching these past keynotes of apple even though I’ve watched them before and Steve never fails to amaze? me. He is indeed a genius. I know this will sound cheesy but I feel as if there’s a crack in my heart because I know now, that I won’t be able to see Steve work ever again. ๐Ÿ™

  20. randompeoplecoming says:

    RIP Steve Jobs…

    PS – Wish someone would? make a iCEO Wallpaper.

  21. GreatGoldApps says:

    Why the f*** a person like this has just died? ?

  22. isaiahcruz says:

    This is such a remarkable moment right here.?

  23. reinierwilson6 says:

    We? love you….iGOD!!!

  24. jerrychf says:

    thank you? steve, really

  25. edward64572 says:

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  26. extralargetuna says:

    if? you think that’s Comic Sans I don’t know WHAT the fuck is wrong with you

  27. extralargetuna says:

    he? he plumbing

  28. Rhoddh says:

    Comic Sans on the presentation slide? show? Lol.

  29. MisterMacintosh1 says:

    for me it is?

  30. aminphysics101 says:

    I wonder what would have happened to the audience if Steve? showed them Lion at that point.

  31. adityasairamnamburi says:

    the third? os 10 is puma.

  32. adityasairamnamburi says:

    the firs? OS 10 is cheetah.

  33. Sentido Comรบn says:

    1:31 they did that until? 2005 with tiger,well now the os is crap like 10.1,2,3,5.

  34. made4ipod4242 says:

    he’s in the? iCloud now

  35. NotAYTUser says:

    First OS X is? Cheetah.

  36. NotAYTUser says:

    I think? Leopard is the best.

  37. nielskonijngt5 says:

    You wanns? lik it XD

  38. WhiteSlift says:

    The first Mac OS X was called Puma and now the next one is gonna be called Mountain Lion which is exactly the same as a Puna.?

  39. warex3d says:

    still not killing windows? xp LOL

  40. GTAGAMECounterShot says:

    Tim Cook, can’t wait to announce Mac OS? XI

  41. tylertyler82 says:

    I remember when? the idiotic reporters kept calling it “Mac Os Ex”

  42. AntaresCastor says:

    I love Mountain Lion – been playing with it for? some time. Sadly battery life sucks, just as it does with Lion. Hope Apple does something better with 10.9.

  43. j2m555 says:

    who else is ready for 10.8?

  44. delorean225 says:

    Allow me to say, Apple was still presentable then. After Leopard, though, you didn’t. Good? man, though.

  45. BestSanFranciscoBusi says:

    Beautiful? San Francisco.

  46. BeforeTheStoryBegins says:

    oh yeah. well im watching this on? OS X 10.0 Cheetah

  47. WeEatBrainz says:


  48. mikey88772 says:


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