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Macworld New York 2001-The Apple Retail Store Introduction

by tom44 on September 15, 2012

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Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the first ever Apple Retail Store in Tysons Corner, VA.
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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24 thoughts on “Macworld New York 2001-The Apple Retail Store Introduction

  1. Desert Rose says:

    He said he is not a? genius.

  2. extralargetuna says:

    it’s a bit? bright.

  3. zackery1167 says:


  4. zackery1167 says:


  5. kippis05 says:

    This video is precisely the reason why I? want to work here – the environment is fun for everyone; the parents, the techies, the kids…I go in for the interview tomorrow, and I honestly can’t wait to be a part of it. 😀

  6. ksanchez90565 says:


  7. etlam00 says:

    Steve, you ARE? a Genius.

  8. mrsfishie15 says:

    “i’m not? a genius at all?” Steve Jobs is the most humble person i know!

  9. ejjunju says:


  10. shabooboo says:


  11. utubekebs says:

    We lost a great influential, iconic, awesome man 🙁 .. RIP Steve Jobs… Greatly? remembered.

  12. scottwwilliamsiii says:

    RIP,? Steve. iHeaven?

  13. Oscar Wang says:


  14. Ineedhelp2811 says:

    All that money did not beat cancer.?

  15. MatheusMK3 says:

    Steve, you are an Genius,? and always will be…

  16. MikeJones1989 says:

    “I’m not? a genius”

    Oh Jobs, you modest bastard

  17. KaiserWilhelmIV says:

    Gee is that what YOU CALL UPGRADE? Next time swap out the mother board, video card, sound card, and the processor… see if you can do that with that shit MAC. Swapping out easy drive or ram is really nothing at all but MAC does not allow any usable parts or make usable parts beyond the very? light shit because they want to sell you more overpriced shit. Tell daddy to buy a real desktop, fuck laptops.

  18. truthsmiles says:

    Umm… I’ve had a macbook pro 2.1 for 4 years, and I’ve upgraded the OS from Panther to Leopard to Snow Leopard with Lion coming soon (each cost $29 by the way), I’ve upgraded the hard drive from 120 to 360 to 750GB, and I’ve upgraded the RAM from 2? to 4 GB. I’m purely a business user – I never go to starbucks, and I’ve never had a virus. My dad got his brand new Windows 7 laptop last month after a year with his old one and promptly got a virus that’s made it unusable. Status?

  19. oooshitman9 says:

    Wow he is fat…Wow…I hope all that? money can beat cancer.

  20. sharinganforum says:

    He seems so proud and? enthusiastic

  21. ltunit says:

    who? is his stylist? still the same shit today

  22. DrBukcake says:

    Who is the fat guy with the black sweater in this video? Where the hell? is Steve Jobs?

  23. Mastado says:

    Nostalgia’d. Nostalgia’d hard.?

  24. Rockstar110Percent says:

    TechnoBuffalo brought me? here!

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